Production Skills Evaluation 3

Creating a digipak means that we have had to both learn a lot of new production skills to be able to do: two photo shoots, edit the images through the software Photoshop, then make the digipak in InDesign. The following skills below has given me an advancement in this area of the media world.


Photographing skills

Because we needed a re-shoot, it enabled us to reflect back on what went wrong so that when it came to it we didn’t repeat them and realise what we didn’t like about the outcome of the pictures. The skill we now have figured out is the focus on the camera and double checking all of the pictures when we think we have finished the shoot because as we noticed the first time, we thought we were focusing the camera but the images still came out blurry which was really frustrating. However, we learned from our mistakes and on the second shoot we had really clear images that we were happy with.

pic of blurry old pic and new in focus pic


Editing the front cover image

What we noticed that slightly irritated us was that on the left side of her hair was a lot more flat then the other side which made it look a bit odd and not that conventional for our genre as R&B stars usually look ‘perfect’.  So what we did to amend this was on Photoshop we explored what tools we could possibly use to try and unnoticeably drag out her hair a bit further. We came across the ‘Liquify’ tool which was under ‘———‘ drop down bar, this let us choose the sizing of the tool to drag out her hair as the larger the tool the more of her in the picture would move but if we made it quite a bit smaller it was too obvious. So, finding the right balance was tricky.

pic of the liquify tool and the one of us moving her hair

Another tool we used to make the image impeccable, was going over with the ‘blemish’ device just to smooth over any blemishes because as the media theorist Dyer said stars are ‘extraordinary’ so giving our star the perfect, smooth skin makes audiences everywhere believe that she is this more elite and better than them. We found this tool on the side bar in Photoshop.

pic of blemish tool, pic of her skin before and after?


InDesign skills

Because we are not overly familiar with InDesign, there are so many features, tools and elements of the software that we have learnt to use. For example, the ones we used the most was the tools that spaces out the text, make it bigger, smaller and closer together, these were so helpful to us as they let us personalize the digipak for our star.

pic of the writing on the front

Acknowledging the image above, you can see that we have spaced out the text ‘MEILANÍ’ as it gives off a more simple effect rather than when it was squashed together as it made it harder to read which wouldn’t have given the target audience the aesthetic pleasure they would expect in an R&B digipak.



Production Skills Evaluation 2

Today we had a professional in Premiere Pro called Mr. Lenfesty, who came in to watch our music video and gave us great feedback on what he thinks we’ve done well, what can be improved and what we should change. Having someone with a great amount of experience and knowledge of using Premiere Pro enables us to improve the video immensely; as he has an unbiased view- therefore can give his thoughts on how it looks and the impact of the video.

The elements of it that we mainly needed help with was:

  • In one clip where the actor is running away from the camera there’s a blue bin that’s in the shot that could be distracting and not fit in, this is unconventional to our genre and it detracts from the character being alone, running away; it is a narrative addition that is distracted and unnecessary. Therefore, to solve this, he showed us to go into the tab called ‘Lumetri colour’ which enabled us to select the colour of the bin and dull it down to a grey shade by creating two adjustment layers, so that it blended into the surroundings and didn’t stand out as it wasn’t what we wanted the audience to focus on.

Below is a screenshot of after we successfully changed the colour of the bin bag:

(Click to see more clearly)


With this other screenshot below, we also used the colour wheel to drag the points of the bag to the colour we want instead of using the secondary colour bars as you can see in the screenshot above.


  • What Mr. Lenfesty also commented on was the idea that for the flashbacks we could use a vignette effect on all of the flashbacks so that they’re more clear and that the target audience don’t get confused between the flashbacks and the footage that’s meant to be the present.Therefore, we have taken in his advice and tried it on one of the clips to test it out, however we found it looked quite harsh and looked unprofessional in which Mr. Lenfesty then showed us that we were able to ‘feather’ the harsh lines out so the focus on him was more subtle. This resulted to drawing the audience’s eyes to a particular point on the screen, such as when we show a very short clip of blood on his hands- we can us the vignette to focus their attention on the weapon instead of anything else, therefore the main points of the narrative can get across the the target audience and cuts out the confusion.

  • Another thing that Mr. Lenfesty helpfully implied that we should do was to not only organise our folders in our main files, but also name and organise them within Premiere Pro as you can put them in a ‘Bin’ (which is their term for a folder), and the best part of this was that he showed us how to duplicate the file for our current edit of the music video so that if were not sure whether to test something out and it goes wrong, then we can test it on the duplicate and it won’t matter if it goes wrong as we still have the original.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

As we are now working on draft three of our music video I have gained many new skills on Premiere Pro whilst editing, as beforehand, I didn’t know how to to anything on the software and since experimenting I have learnt many things such as:

  • Cutting and putting videos together
  • Putting effects on a clip
  • How to import audio
  • How to slow down and speed up videos
  • How to mute clips
  • How to export them into YouTube videos

These few examples can be seen in the following images:


One skill that I picked up quickly was reversing a clip, this helped give a sense of despair, paranoia and guilt; as he runs his hands through his hair. When we were experimenting with changing the speed of the clip we were going to slow it down, however, we came across how to reverse the clip which we tried and really liked.

Another skill I have learnt on Premiere Pro is putting effects on footage and manipulating them to my satisfaction. An effect that we think works really well is the glitch like — that we created by changing and moving the colours slightly to the right which gives off a really cool glitch-looking effect that makes the clip look distorted, and gives off a sense that there is a problem and gives connotations that his head is messed up. First of all we had to copy and paste the footage so that there is three clips of the chosen scene all together, then search in effects for ‘RGB colour’ and apply on all, you then change one clip to all red, the second to all blue and the third green, after, you change the position of each colour which results in this glitch effect that you can see below.

We also have exported our music video drafts onto YouTube, so that our progression is clear, we can reflect on each one and see what else needs to be done. As you can see below, I have taken a screenshot of my YouTube channel where I have uploaded the first two drafts, the first video just consists of only the performance, therefore, it is very easy to see where we have improved in our editing. However, we also saved our drafts in our  music video folder labelled ‘Drafts’ just in case anything is lost or deleted we have back-ups saved.