Preliminary Montage video

So that I have a greater understanding of how to create a video and also what a montage is- I have made one using the software Adobe Premiere Pro about a girls average school day. This will prepare me and make me more familiar with the software for the music video. So, to create a great montage I needed to make sure that I included:

  • A variety of shot distances
  • Different camera angles
  • Steady shots

The images below is of my story board that I used to plan out my montage so I was organised when filming.

Reflecting back on my montage video now, I have noticed the strengths and weaknesses of it, which are:


  • Music made to intensify when a new topic/place is shown.
  • I have used a variety of shots to make the video more interesting.
  • The transition from the watch to the bell as they hold the same shape.


  • I have used a clip of the same guy twice, however, in one he’s a teacher shouting at Lilli and in the other he’s seen walking out the classroom as a student.
  • In the whip pan before they walk out of the classroom, the camera jumps, therefore creating a bad transition and not a steady shot.
  • The shot of when she is opening the locker is slightly blurry.

What I have learnt about editing in preparation for my music video production is how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to cut clips, putting them in order, adding audio of my choice, using sound effect, placing in text and putting an effect on it.

Preliminary Task and Evaluation Questions

To create a sense of setting and understanding of the situation happening in the video, I have applied a variety of camera angles and shots, such as: Mid-Shot- to establish who is in the room therefore the audience won’t be confused if we were to start the scene off with just close-range shots, Close Up- to capture the actress’ expressions and emotion that they’re feeling in that current time, also, it makes them feel as if they’re watching from the other actress’ point of view, Match on Action- to give the audience a sense of understanding and a different view so it doesn’t get repetitive.

In addition, to create pace when the conversation begins to get heated and rowdy I have edited that part to have really quick shots to and from each of the actress’. In result of this, it makes the audience feel more on edge and tense.

180 degree rule, where the camera must not pass the line of action between two things interacting.

What I have most recently learnt is very important for when I am editing videos; which is continuity editing rules, these rules such as the 180 degree rule (which is when you make sure that the camera does not go past the line of action amidst the people/things in shot. This rule is to show fluidity and consistency, and most importantly to make sure that the audience doesn’t get confused.