So… How is it going?

Is my brand clearly reflected in the design of my pages and the images of my stars?

Yes, I think that my cover page and double page spread do very much reflect my brand and genre of music, due to the busy busy background and the model emanates a sense of energy which was so typical of disco music. The fonts create a 1970s disco style, it is also obvious that I am not directly copying the disco era, but updating it for today’s modern young audience, elements of this is the use of the colour black, I have deliberately avoided too much glitter as for today’s audience that would assosiate with festival culture and that would send the wrong message and not successfully reflect my brand. The look of the model is quite sophisticated due to the ruby lip stick and matching jacket as I am not aiming this at a very young audience and want to avoid anything that look too over exaggerated, I have given her a more low key, urban feel in order to appeal to older teenagers.

However I do not think that the content page goes with the other two pages quite as well as I had hoped, the colours are off and it appears very flat and the whole concept doesn’t quite fit with the disco genre. I am hoping to add a more textured back ground with more colour and pattern.

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