Prelim Video Task

I started off with a mid shot to establish the scene and its context and then used close ups in order to focus on facial expressions especially as that was the focal point of the clip in terms of the “present face”. I ended with a long shot in order to convey Alisa’s unhappyness with Carney.

In addition I felt that these camera angles would enhance the sense of a narrative as well as heighten dramatic tension.

When I was editing my clip, in order to create continuity between the various shots I used a combination of 180, match on action and shot reverse shot. I used them to condense time, space and action.

I also used Premiere Pro in order to construct a seamless sequence of shots fading in and out for the beginning and end.

If I was to do this again I would make sure that the sound and volume are consistent throughout and alternate shots more frequently when tension is building.


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