Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Our narrative shoot was initially perceived as a success and we were pleased with how the day went and all the shots went the way we planned although we knew we were going to have to have a second shoot to gain some more footage to polish it off, the weather was good considering this was an outdoor shoot and we worked well as a group and we had all the necessary equipment including spares and had learned the lessons of our previous shoot.In particular our model was excellent and the costume she wore worked well with our initial  concept. However, when editing our footage with our performance shots, the two did not blend well at all and it did not convey the message or genre clearly. We were going for a contrast but not to this extent: our performance was edgy, emo and aggressive where as our footage was of a pretty girl on a beach. We were trying to show her painful emotions and the battle within which she hid beneath a soft, pretty exterior, but this simply did not come across to the viewer without an explanation which is inappropriate.

So in brief what I would like to improve on is:

  • Add in extra scenes to convey the message more clearly.
  • Our storyboard we had put together was quite brief which caused a problem on the day, as our narrative ended up being too thin, so we had to create a new story board to provide extra narrative detail.
  • In the future ¬†we should spend longer on the planning and on the story board to ensure that we get all the shots that we need in the time that we have.
  • Although we had used the camera before we did experience technical difficulties with the tripod as it would not accommodate certain angles so we had to improvise as shown below. To avoid this in future we will test the tripod before taking it out and this would be part of our planning ahead of the shoot and we need to maybe link our equipment to our storyboard.

We are going to re film with new concepts and ideas and our target for the next shoot is to ensure that out narrative is congruent with out performance and successfully fits the genre.



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