Music Video Draft 3

  • Our peers seemed to enjoy watching our video which I am pleased about and they also gave us some useful feedback.


    • The mis en scene works incredibly well with the genre of music that we chose and it really helps to depict the character and her emotions.
    • The narrative was clear to the viewer
    • The jump cuts and fast pace work well with the music and genre.


    • Make sure we take out the shot at 1.09 to 1.11 where our performer isn’t looking at the camera.
    • Clean up a few shots by slipping them shorter.
    • Include more shots of the candles and her lighting them I order to set the scene.
    • Make sure that the lip-syncing is in sync.
    • stabilize the shots.
    • include more pull focus shots.


    Whats changed:

    We have changed our music video a lot from the last draft, we had a whole new shoot for the shrine scene which was a whole new video to add depth to the music video. We also took out most of the beach shots as they seemed to just confuse the narrative and failed to portray it clearly to the viewer. However we kept one beach shot right a the end to suggest the character may have taken her own life or just let go of her frustration and anxiety over her past relationship. We removed a few performance shots as the performer was not looking a the camera or if the lip-syncing was not sufficient.


    I am very pleased with the progress of our video. It has come a long way especially with the whole new shoot. There are still a few things we need to sort out in order to create a cleaner, well rounded music video, we need to sort out a few glitch effects and edit to the beat closer.

    We sent our music video link from our youtube to our peers to evaluate and comment; These are their comments and targets.

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