Contact sheet

This is a contact sheet displaying photos we took on our first shoot. The aim of this shoot was to capture good images that we could further edit and distort to use for our digi pak. We need a front, back and inner left and right picture.

  • Succesful: we took lots of pictures, uploaded them and then chose the most appropriate images that would be most fitting for our brand and image. Image 0343 was our favourite as the model has very direct eye contact with the camera, the quality is as we want it and the makeup and hair is effective.
  • We did like the first 8 images however we felt the lighting and focus was not quite how we wanted it, we wanted a more retro and darker feel to the photo and unfortunately these images were not quite what we were looking for.
  • Our favourite shots were the burned orange toned ones, the shadows are very intense and the lighting is really beautiful and portrays our style well.
  • We also liked the photos taken with a low shutter speed as they gave a ghostly effect however we didn’t feel they fitted our genre well nought and that the colours were off.
  • We liked the pictures of the smashed mirror as they are close ups and really show the sharp edges which really fit our genre and are interesting symbolic codes.
  • The pictures of the red velvet are very effective and fit our genre well.

Bad shots

We didn’t like these shots because they were either our of focus, blurred or inappropriate for our genre.


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