Website – Previous Student’s Work

Here is a previous students website.

The website is very accessible and easy to navigate. The fonts are all large and easy to read and the black and white colour scheme makes the words stand out. against the darker background. The writing is kept to a minimum so that the audience does not get bored and there are multiple videos and photos to keep their attention.

The layout is very simple on each individual page and I think that the bar on the side f the screen is a very good idea as it allows the viewer to easily access the artist’s social media. I also like the hint of red, it catches the viewer’s attention. I also think that the cloudy background is very atmospheric and hints towards the genre nicely.

There is a bio on the website and I think this is a nice feature. It includes the artist’s name, age and origin and I think this makes her more relatable and connected to her audience.

The colour scheme is consistent thought the digi pack, music video and website and I think this adds consistency to the brand.

The website is very informative and easy to navigate for the audience, it isn’t too complex yet still gives all the information necessary to help the artist thrive and get more followers. The social media links alloows the audience to interact and feel more involved.

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