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Star image planning

Lynn Gunn is relatable and she has an appeal to the average person and yet there is something mysterious and compelling about her, the use of monochrome colours expresses the dichotomy and paradox within her personality, the black symbolises her mysterious, soulful, philosophical and contemplative side that broods, is sensitive and otherworldly. In contrast the white represents her soft, gentle, playful and inviting side, it suggests she has also a zest for life. The metanarrative is that she represents very teenage girl that is struggling to find her identity and navigate her way in this modern world especially in connection to her relationships.

Risk assessment

This is a risk assessment for the shoot on Friday the 11th of May. A risk assessment is necessary as part of health and safety and to make sure that everything goes smoothly. So we noted all necessary information down and we signed it to show we have all been through it and Mrs Cobb then also signed it to show she’d been through it with us.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

A professional from supersavers came into our lesson to teach us more about premier pro and give us advice on how to improve our music video and make the editing more advanced. My group and I showed him our pitch and he gave us some ideas on what effects and pace we should use to make the video work with the genre and be more interesting for the viewer.

The song’s main theme is mirrors so we thought using some interesting distortion effects would have a good impact on the video and wold also like it to the theme. Here is a video demonstrating how I can achieve some of these effects.

We were also curious as to how to distort certain colours to make the video more grunge and have more energy,  so here is a video I found that demonstrates how to do that.

Permission from artist

We tweeted at Pvris to say that we are using the song “Mirrors” to avoid any copy write issues.

Production meeting agenda for shoot

A production meeting agenda in necessary in order to establish clear communication between the group and to organise an efficient meeting and therefore a good use of time. We have also noted what needs to be brought to the shoot and who is responsible. The agenda also serves as an aide-memoire for each person in the group and ensures accountability.

Visual shot list for performance shoot

We looked at the songs: Decode by Paramore, Numb by Linkin Park and Introduced Species by Hands Like Houses. We analysed the angles, speed, shot distances and visual message in relation to the lyrics in order to inspire and guide us with our own music video. These videos are all in the same genre as our chosen song so they helped us to discover ways to link our video to the genre. We will take this shot list to our shoot.

Test shoot

We got a taste for how editing our final music video is going to be done by doing a test shoot and editing all the footage into 20 second of our chosen song. It allowed us to experiment with angle, effects, filming techniques and the whole editing process.

What went well:

  • the black and white effect worked well with the genre.
  • the fast editing and shot changes gave a good effect and made the video more exciting.
  • there is a good energy that works well with the music and genre.
  • Hollie fit the role and voice well especially when we come to adding mis en scene.

What to improve on:

  • we could have varied the shot distances more when filming as we got primarily close ups and mid shots but not many long shots.
  • we should have checked the focus before filming as a few shots are out of focus.
  • worked harder with the lip syncing and making sure the star knows the words.
  • we should have kept the energy more consistent through the video, there were parts where it mellowed.

Pitch and feedback

Me, Jade and Jen discussed our ideas with Mrs Cobb so that we could develop our ideas and gain advice in order to improve the over all plan. I think it went fairly well, there was a lot of room for improvement and I think discussing it outlaid helped highlight those areas.

Final song choice

We chose this song because Jen’s made a convincing pitch, the topic is open to interpretation which would be a great opportunity for some creative filming, in addition the strong beat presents good opportunities for editing.

Song short list and moodboard

We decided to use Jen’s song because there was a lot more opportunity for narrative and we had a lively discussion about what the ghost could mean and how we could explore it in our video. My idea was rejected because of the risk that would have to be taken: the video could have been very successful if edited correctly and precisely. However, it could very easily have been boring because of the simplicity of the idea. We didn’t choose Jade’s pitch because we felt that the song’s expletives would over-shadow our creativity and the focus of the song was too narrow.

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