Draft 1


This is the first draft of the front page of my magazine, I felt that it went fairly well however I could have payed more attention to the Photoshop and cutting out of the model onto the background as there is still some white left. I personally think that the cover is quite a good representation of the disco genre.




1- I like the different fonts used, they go well but gives another dimension to the page and keep it very interesting; I especially like the “discotek” font with the double words.

2- I think the models eye contact is very effective as it will draw the reader to the middle of the magazine, this should then draw them in and make them want to read more.

3- I like the lipstick colour as its very fun and goes with her eye-makeup.

4- I also think the position of the photo on the page is really good as the main cover star is the main focus which is a conventional aspect of front cover magazines; altogether the page flows very well and the colour scheme is good and relevant to the genre.

5- nice faded background.

Could Improve

1- The Photoshop may need to be improved as there are a few glitchy patches around the photo of your model, e.g the hair and by her ear.

2- The word “marmalade” is a bit unclear to read because of the white writing on the light background.

3- the blurred hand is quite distracting.

4- Make fonts more readable.

5- goes too close to the edge of the page.

New Improved:


I have made the star’s name ‘Marmalade’ bigger in order to make the main cover star’s identity more noticeable. I also moved the bar code to the right of the page as there is where it is more commonly displayed. On the first draft I found the background too boring and it made the cover look tacky so I think that the change of background was very effective.

so… I am ready to photograph my star.

What have I learned about camera and mise-en-scene that I will use to communicate our brand ideas?

I have learned that camera settings and angles are essential to effectively communicate our brand, I am going to use lots of low shots to display the main cover star as dominant and powerful, as I want her to be the face of disco and want the genre to be viewed as striking and compelling. I am going to use the white room as my cover star is going to be wearing dark colours. I think that the pink leather jacket my model will be wearing is an essential piece of mise-en-scene to communicate my brand as it is very disco themed. Her makeup is going to be a big focus of the shoot and I am hoping to use the reflective sheet to brighten the photographs and make the light bounce off of her.

Production meeting agenda

My overall aim for this up coming shoot is to capture an appealing shot that represents the genre of funk in a modern yet traditional light. I will be using Lucy Batiste as my model and I have selected various different props and costumes for her to wear throughout the hour. Funk has a very individual style and fashion plays a huge role in this genre. . I am going to be shooting in the white room so will need to make sure that the colours I put on her are fairly dark. The lighting is going to be very bright to give a very flawless look to the model’s skin and a bright vibe to the shots

communicating our brand

This is my pinterest board that communicates my brand for my funk genre. I saved article, photos, fonts and lyrics that best represented the genre. The board also shows the colours popularly used in the genre and this will help me withe the production of my own magazine. There is a very up beat and vibrant vibe to the genre and so I will carry this forward into my magazine.

Branding Ideas + Mission Statements

This is my mission statement, the funk genre is loud exciting and very dance-able. It is timeless music and the rhythmical tunes were played in the 60s and I hope will play on for much longer. My magazine is going to introduce the younger generations to funk and prepare it’s big come back.

The words in my word cloud sum up my chosen genre as it is up beat and exciting. The colours I have used also are frequently used in funk album covers.

Star image

For my star image I have decide to focus on Prince. Prince was an ordinary guy from a very rough background and lived in an abusive home as the beginning of his life where his mother was a victim of domestic violence and music was his escape from his volatile family situation. He appeals to the audience as he is from humble beginnings and faced tough situations in his childhood which make him relatable and he used his music as a means to escape. What makes him extraordinary is his extraordinary talent, that he could not only write his own songs but perform them as well, he nurtured other talents and starred in his own movie, he was also one of the first artists to challenge the music industry for control of his own material. Again he is complex and paradoxical as he introduced a brand new sound into music, branded himself heavily and his music videos had used elaborate staging and costumes which were very conseptual. althougn he was 5’3 which is below the average male hight it did not diminish his stature within the music industry.

His metanarrative is that his work was largely autobiographical as though he was using his music to explore, process and come to terms with parts of his life like his sexuality, family and personal relationships. An example of this is in the image I have shown above where he is dressed as a woman, this was part of his on stage look here he wore high heels, makeup, jewellery and elaborate hair styles. Another example of this metanarrative is that in the movie purple rain and his song ‘when doves cry’ he asserts a link between the domestic abuse he witnessed as a child which carried over into his own relationships and he struggles with the fear or turning into his father. Through music and films and his image, they were all part of the over arching presentation of who he was.

Prince’s ideology seemed to be to convey the transformative power of music and his image and branding created a larger than life figure despite his hight who’s remarkable talent was in the core of everything he did. His life and work demonstrated a fierce determination to over come the disadvantages of his background.

Mast Head Designs

I experimented with different fonts on InDesign to try and work out what style I would like my masthead to be in. To do so I used a website called ‘Dafont’ I typed out my header on the website and used the snip tool to capture the fonts I liked and then pasted the pictures onto InDesign. Unfortunately the titles came out very pixelated. I also couldn’t edit the colours which I am hoping to do for the real thing.