Author: margueriteduerden

So, hello Media Studies

What are you hoping to learn? What skills do you already have?

I have learned that media is presented in society in many different ways and is extremely important in our world today. In the next two years I am hoping to widen my knowledge on what makes various photos, videos, posters etc. more appealing and effective in advertisement and entertainment, I am also excited to develop my own blog. Prior to starting Media Studies I had only posted on basic social media like facebook, twitter and instagram, I have never had my own blog on which I post regularly and I am looking forward to doing so in the future. However, I have done a lot of art and some drama as well so I am hoping that the technical skills i have gained are transferable into my work in media studies.

So, I’m a media prosumer

Blumler and Katz argue that people engage with media for lots of reasons, the four main being, entertainment, social interaction, personal identity, information. Above I have shown the main media that I use in my everyday life. I watch TV shows and films for my own personal entertainment, if i am bored and can be sure that they will insure i will be distracted and enjoy myself. I use social media more to develop my personal identity and interact socially with the people online. I use Google to develop my knowledge on certain subjects so I use it as a means to information.

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