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Audience Profiling

Its important for magazines to identify a target audience in order to sell their product effectively, In order to sell more products they must make sure that the magazine is appealing to a large group of people and to do so they must identify what this group is and how they identify, then use this information to make the magazine fit into their tastes and preferences.

For example NME magazine targets people within the demographics of being male between the age of 18-24 and of the middle class, and the psychographics of being very left wing and open minded. Having this specific target audience, the magazine will know exactly how to make their magazine appealing to these people.

When I come to creating my own magazine cover, the genre will be pop and so the focus will be on young teenage girls, however, I will need to look more into which social grade I will be targeting and alter the display depending on details that I will find out.


The Design Features of a Magazine

The design of this magazine cover looks quite aggressive and defiant, the way the main cover star,s hand is in a fist suggests that you shouldn’t mess with him. However the characters are wearing ties and shirt, almost like they are at school, or work. Maybe they are students students meaning we can relate. Due to them being in ‘uniform’ and also having tattoos this suggests they are kicking against authority. The main cover star is holding  his cuff like a gentleman would, presenting him as smart and formal which contrasts with his tattoos which are a form of self expression, body art and adds attitude to his character. The boy at the front appears to be the gang leader, (lead singer) due to being at the front and the main focus is on him. The tattooed hand makes the viewer question whether he has a full body of tattoos? Is there more to him than a suit? All of the band members have Gothic styled hair which suggests the genre of music.

The magazine’s name ‘Kerrang!’ is in black, however all other writing on the cover is in white, this gives a clean, polarized theme to the cover. They only use one colour to offset the two basic colours and this colour is red, this is the colour of danger, blood and passion, suggesting a strong passion for the music and rebelious reputaion it holds.  All of the images are of men, presents the magazine as quite masculine and the genre of music is strongly aimed at teenage boys. The font is angular which is prominent and dominating, there is nothing soft about this cover.

The mast head displays the title of the magazine so is in a larger font than any other text to make it obvious to the reader. It is black on white which makes it stand out and memorable for the viewer. There are also a couple of pugs features in this cover, the pugs are usually in bright colours, in the case of this magazine they are in red and are in shapes that draw the reader’s eye in and prompts them about certain information that will be explained within the magazine.

When I come to designing the cover for my pop magazine I will include all of the features displayed here, however alter them appropriately. Due to it being aimed at young teenage girls I will use a a lot of pinks and purples. The colours will not be too intense, they will be soft and pretty as in my opinion that is what interests young teengae girls. The pugs could be in the shapes of hearts and stars due to these signs displaying cheerfulness and are familiar to my target audience audience.

My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

I have created this mood board to represent the topic of pop music. I included popular pop artists as i felt this would best represent the genre and help people to recognise what the mood board is based on. When I think of pop music I usually associate it with the colour pink so I selected the photographs that featured or worked with the colour pink. To me, pop is generally quite a girly, cheerful genre so I also included photos on girly objects such as bright high heels, a wide variation of lip sticks and nail varnish. Due to pop being a genre of music I also displayed a microphone and some music notes to clearly represent the musically qualities.

Print media communicates meaning

Posters are a very popular way to advertise certain things. In this circumstance Rita Ora is having a tour and the poster is trying to encourage people to attend. Many different aspects of the poster and specifically there to draw people in and appeal to them. For example, colours, costumes, font and language. I chose to do this poster as I felt like has been very successfully made to look attractive to the target audience. The use of colours and contrast of themes is very interesting and I  personally think makes the poster very much complimentary. The font used communicates danger which adds edge to the theme which contrasts with the pink back ground that indicates a calm and girly theme.

So, hello Media Studies

What are you hoping to learn? What skills do you already have?

I have learned that media is presented in society in many different ways and is extremely important in our world today. In the next two years I am hoping to widen my knowledge on what makes various photos, videos, posters etc. more appealing and effective in advertisement and entertainment, I am also excited to develop my own blog. Prior to starting Media Studies I had only posted on basic social media like facebook, twitter and instagram, I have never had my own blog on which I post regularly and I am looking forward to doing so in the future. However, I have done a lot of art and some drama as well so I am hoping that the technical skills i have gained are transferable into my work in media studies.

So, I’m a media prosumer

Blumler and Katz argue that people engage with media for lots of reasons, the four main being, entertainment, social interaction, personal identity, information. Above I have shown the main media that I use in my everyday life. I watch TV shows and films for my own personal entertainment, if i am bored and can be sure that they will insure i will be distracted and enjoy myself. I use social media more to develop my personal identity and interact socially with the people online. I use Google to develop my knowledge on certain subjects so I use it as a means to information.

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