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Digipak previous students work

Our Mission Statement

The conventions of a digi pack.

The definition of a digital pack is “a type of packaging for CDs or DVDs, typically made from cardboard with an internal plastic holder for one or more discs”.

Digi packs always include a front cover, inner left cover, inside right cover, back cover and a spine.

We have analysed a digi pack produced by a band called “Alternative 4” and the album is called “The Brink”. We were looking for a cover that could relate to the brand we are aiming for. This album interested us because of the Black and red which is very relevant to our music video and style. We liked the use of the eye

Production Skills Evaluation 2

So…..what new design skills or production techniques have you learnt? What went well and even better if… Screenshots of skills in action. After FX?

We have

New Storyboard/PMA

Once we had realised we didn’t have enough shots and that they didn’t fit with our performance shots we decided to go back to the drawing board and re construct the story board to try to ensure that the narrative was more fitting for the genre and more obvious to the viewer.

Draft 4


This is draft 4 of our music video, we added the black and white effect on the performance scenes and a red over lay to the shrine scenes. I think these changes had a really good impact on the video, it helped distinguish the different settings. We also included more of the beach shots, these are portrayed as flashbacks and I think it adds more depth to the narrative.

Targets for improvement:

Peer feedback:

  • likes the fast edits at the start.
  • She understood that the character was in distress.
  • She liked the shots of the flame where it moves across the frame.
  • She thinks the bit of the performance where the performer spins round when the word spin is sang is effective.
  • She liked the jump cuts of the girl coming towards the camera through the urban, tunnel area.
  • She liked the juxtaposition of the flashback beach scenes and the darker shrine scenes.
  • She pointed out that some shots were too shaky and that it was a bit distracting, however she understood that it fit with the genre but needs to be stabilized still.
  • needs to increase the brightness on 3.27 shot so can clearly see the lip syncing.
  • doesn’t like the bit where she shakes her head in the mirror at the chorus.


  • 1:53 shot of lips needs to be edited to black and white effect.
  • Shots need to be stabilized in premiere pro e.g ~(0.22) , (0.30) (0.41) (1.02/3) (1.11-13) (1.23)
  • The head-banging shots  in the mirror need to be replaced with different footage, maybe including flashbacks and performance.
  • One of the shots is too dark and needs to be brightened se we can see more clearly whats going on.
  • 2.41 there is a black screen which needs to be replaced with footage.


Genre conventions analysis

Audience Ideology

Music Video Draft 3

  • Our peers seemed to enjoy watching our video which I am pleased about and they also gave us some useful feedback.


    • The mis en scene works incredibly well with the genre of music that we chose and it really helps to depict the character and her emotions.
    • The narrative was clear to the viewer
    • The jump cuts and fast pace work well with the music and genre.


    • Make sure we take out the shot at 1.09 to 1.11 where our performer isn’t looking at the camera.
    • Clean up a few shots by slipping them shorter.
    • Include more shots of the candles and her lighting them I order to set the scene.
    • Make sure that the lip-syncing is in sync.
    • stabilize the shots.
    • include more pull focus shots.


    Whats changed:

    We have changed our music video a lot from the last draft, we had a whole new shoot for the shrine scene which was a whole new video to add depth to the music video. We also took out most of the beach shots as they seemed to just confuse the narrative and failed to portray it clearly to the viewer. However we kept one beach shot right a the end to suggest the character may have taken her own life or just let go of her frustration and anxiety over her past relationship. We removed a few performance shots as the performer was not looking a the camera or if the lip-syncing was not sufficient.


    I am very pleased with the progress of our video. It has come a long way especially with the whole new shoot. There are still a few things we need to sort out in order to create a cleaner, well rounded music video, we need to sort out a few glitch effects and edit to the beat closer.

    We sent our music video link from our youtube to our peers to evaluate and comment; These are their comments and targets.

Feedback from teacher



  • She likes the jump cuts.
  • She enjoys the fast paced shots.
  • The walking jump cut where Hollie walked through an alley towards the camera.
  • Likes how when the lyrics are “world spin” the performer actually spins.
  • Likes the outside shots.
  • She likes how the beach shots juxtapose the performance shots.
  • Loved the close ups of the eyes.


  • First singing shot should be full face not just lips.
  • When singing she should look at the camera.
  • SHouldn’t have quite as many beach shots.
  • We should give the eye close ups more screen time.
  • Feels the connection with the camera is uncomfortable.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Self assessment and what has changed: We have now added in various narrative shots and left blanks where we are hoping to incorporate our new ideas. We are quite happy with the lighting, editing, and head camera shots and jump shots which pick the pace and add to the genre. I like the portrayal of the two different aspects of the star. I think that the star has a really compelling look that works really well with what we are trying to achieve.

Targets for improvement: We are going to establish a clearer narrative with our new shots to suggest why the girl is depicted in such a paradoxical way in the metanarrative.

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