Evaluation of web design applications

During the process of creating our website through wix we have learned about interactive features and included them in our website.

We used a transition effect or “fade” on our title we learned about editing the pace of the motion of the transition and used it for our website.

We have embedded videos for example, a sample of our music video which allows the audience to interact with the website and watch our product.

We have included links to our band’s music such as on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes. . This lets the audience be easily navigated to the music so they can listen and explore the music our band creates.

We also have learned how to insert interactive links to our brands social media accounts including instagram twitter, facebook and youtube.


Production skills evaluation 2

Troughout the process of creating our music video I have been using premiere pro . I had never used premier pro before the production of our music video, however I have become confident with the technology. We have experimented with lots of different effects and have learned lots of new skills.


One of the main changes we wanted to make to our footage was to turn the performance clips into black and white, we tried various different black and white effects however we wanted to alter the colours ourselves to make it the right shades of black and white. We went into lumetri colours and decreased the shadows and increased the whites to create a black and white effect we were happy with. The finished black and white effect reinforced our edgy, alternative theme.

We used a transition preset to add a white subtle fade in to one of our shots at the end. This transition fade enabled us to connote a soft flashback which helps us tell our narrative and make it more clear that these shots were from the past, it also helps connect the two clips together as they are highly contrasting clips.


To create a fast pace jump cut we got the part of the clip we wanted and cut it with the razor blade tool. This tool allows us to connote a high energy and pace of our video, the quick jump cuts shot dis junction and chaos , it also goes with the heavy beat of the music.


We wanted to enhance the reds in this shrine scene to make it more luxurious and deep shades. So we went on lumetri colour and changed the balance of the colours. We decreased the shadows and blacks then increased the red. This red effect and darker tones enhances the vintage Gothic look we were trying to project throughout this scene to help our narrative become clear to the audience. Also it is more pleasing to the eye, it enhances the ours and textures and increases interest.




Our Mission Statement

Our brand , Forevermore embraces the darker side of life.

It has a contemporary twist;it is alternative rock with an edge. The group uses electronic musical features to overall create a angsty fast tempo sound which embodies alternative rock. Our brand audience and demographic that we aspire to engage with is young individuals who may have lost their way or have a certain anger towards life and society and may be outcasts. Our brand may be misconstrued with more hardcore rock values but we aim to combine those primary values of feeling lonely and lost with a softer edge to embrace the alternative sound and music of the genre.


A quote that embody our brand :

Image result for existential emo quote


Production Skills Evaluation 1

In terms of production techinques this was the first time that we had filmed on an outdoor, exposed location and we chose a challenging environment of a beach where there was no shelter and we had little control over the environment. We minimised risks of thing going wrong by being extra prepared with contingency plans if necessary. In terms of design skills our editing techniques have been developed and also we have acknowledged how there needs to be a constant theme and the narrative needs to be quite explicitly stated through the visual images rather than being too obscure and subtle.

The shoot itself went really well but would have been even better if it were for a different genre, everything went to plan, but the contrast between the narrative and the performance was too extreme.