Feedback on mock up and targets

We our peers to vote on a poll. We had written down a selection of genres and a list of descriptive words and we see them to pic one genre and one descriptive word that comes to mind when they saw our mock-up digi pak. We were happy with the results as they showed that our genre was clear and the majority of people thought it was alternative rock. However some people thought it was heavy metal, so we kept that in mind when moving forward as we may have made the mock-up too aggressive and heavy for the genre of alternative rock. The descriptive words that were chosen were the ones we linked to our genre and vibe, no one guessed joyful of girly which is what we were hoping for.

Digi pak draft 1

Feedback from teacher

  • Image on front page is too grainy but likes the gradient of the shadows
  • Likes the cross – thinks it gives a powerful image
  • Likes the symbolism of the cross and the broken mirror
  • Quality of photos need improving – maybe through another shoot
  • Not sure what the last photo is supposed to be of – needs changing
  • Positioning of the group name needs to be changed
  • Track list could do with bullet points or numbers for the tracks

Targets for Improvement

  • Have another photo shoot and get new photos for the inner right and back sides
  • Edit the track listing to make it stand out more
  • Choose another photo for the front cover and edit it accordingly

Evaluation of shoot or graphic design

I’m happy with how the shoot went. We followed our production meeting agenda which kept the shoot structured. We had a lot of creative ideas, once we had applied the burnt orange light we got Hollie to do lots of positions and got close up shots of her for our front cover. We played around with the lighting, we used reflector sheets of gold to give extra light and gold sheen.

We gelled well together as a group and helped each other and gave each other tips and feedback.

Contact sheet

This is a contact sheet displaying photos we took on our first shoot. The aim of this shoot was to capture good images that we could further edit and distort to use for our digi pak. We need a front, back and inner left and right picture.

  • Succesful: we took lots of pictures, uploaded them and then chose the most appropriate images that would be most fitting for our brand and image. Image 0343 was our favourite as the model has very direct eye contact with the camera, the quality is as we want it and the makeup and hair is effective.
  • We did like the first 8 images however we felt the lighting and focus was not quite how we wanted it, we wanted a more retro and darker feel to the photo and unfortunately these images were not quite what we were looking for.
  • Our favourite shots were the burned orange toned ones, the shadows are very intense and the lighting is really beautiful and portrays our style well.
  • We also liked the photos taken with a low shutter speed as they gave a ghostly effect however we didn’t feel they fitted our genre well nought and that the colours were off.
  • We liked the pictures of the smashed mirror as they are close ups and really show the sharp edges which really fit our genre and are interesting symbolic codes.
  • The pictures of the red velvet are very effective and fit our genre well.

Bad shots

We didn’t like these shots because they were either our of focus, blurred or inappropriate for our genre.


Digi Pak moodboard


We created this moodpboard to present the themes we hope to include in our Digi pak. It is a bold and dramatic collage that includes cultural codes and denotations. The harsh red and black contrast is a cultural code associated with darker themes such as lust, danger, and gothic connotations. The colours are very rich and draw the viewers attention they also compliment eachother, the colours fit our genre of alternative rock well.


In terms of imagery we have included pictures of stain glass windows which represents our gothic theme. We have made our moodpboard very textured and busy to make the moodpboard visually engagin, we have included feathers, berries, materials and a rose. In our mood board we have included vintgae styled imagery for example dark roses, patterned materials and stain glass windows, however there are also sharper, more contemporary images as well such as the red lips and the eye. There are love hearts to represent the themes of love that in a common theme in alternative rock.


We came up the the “Forevermore” brand name and presented it in a gothic text to stick with our theme. Before starting on our moodboard we put together a pinterest page that included colour schemes, pictures and themes that helped us plan and visualize our physical mood-board. It is important to create a mood-board that represents the vibe of what you want your brands digi pak to look like as it gives inspiration and sparks off other creative ideas.

Digipack photo mock up

PDF of our digi pak cover-



This is our digi pak mock up front cover. We went onto Pinterest and selected this image to use for our front cover, we think it is very appropriate for our genre and will also have a powerful impact on the viewer. We particularly liked to the colours and the effect on the eyes, they look carved out and it gives a daunting touch to a pretty girl and we would like to bring that effect forward into our own front cover.

We liked the yellow/orangey/red tones as a posed to the harsh red we were originally planning on using as we felt the red was too dramatic.


The inner left image of a stone angel on its knees.


Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

It is essential to make a production meeting agenda in order to prepare for a shoot, organisation is a key factor is having a productive session.  Our PMA helps us stay organised so everyone involved knows what they need to do, bring and when are where we are meeting.

A risk assessment is very important for any shoot, it’s essential to make sure you are safe and that nothing will go wrong during the shoot and that every member is in a agreement as well as the teacher.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement

Forevermore embraces the darker side of life, it has a contemporary twist;it is alternative rock with an edge. The group uses electronic musical features to overall create a angsty fast tempo sound. Our brand audience and demographic  is targeted at young, individuals who may have lost their way or have a certain anger towards life and society and may be outcasts. Our brand may be misconstrued with more hardcore rock values but we aim to combine those primary values of feeling lonely and lost with a softer edge to embrace the alternative sound and music of the genre.


A call to action

who are the competition

UPS (Unique selling point)

Digipak Conventions Analysis



The conventions of a digi pack.

The definition of a digital pack is “a type of packaging for CDs or DVDs, typically made from cardboard with an internal plastic holder for one or more discs”.

Digi packs always include a front cover, inner left cover, inside right cover, back cover and a spine.

Image, album/artist name and colour scheme

We have analysed a digi pack produced by a band called “Alternative 4” and the album is called “The Brink”. We were looking for a cover that could relate to the brand we are aiming for. This album interested us because of the Black and red which is very relevant to our music video and style. It helped us become more familiar with the vibe we should be going for for our own alternative rock digipak. It gives us a  higher understanding of the genre and how to capturing the essence of the genre properly. The red triangle features an eye in the centre which is one of the symbols of the illuminati, which conveys a subtext of power and control and always being watched and monitors and having ones privacy invaded. Therefor the audience may intemperate this as being a political band who are using their musical platform it express their political views or could it be a coded criticism of the music industry itself and the power and control they exert over their artists.


The different features of a digi pak are; image, album/artist name, the star, colour scheme, spine, copyright information and barcode. When analysing the chosen digi pak we had to consider a range of things; the colour scheme, imagery, the font type and lettering and the language used.  In order for our own digipak to be conventional to our genre we must include all of these features.

Target audience

Our genre being alternative rock means that we must take the target audience into consideration and make sure that what we create is appealing to them for example the use of the colours red and black are typical for this genre and will help draw our target audience in.

Use headings to give some structure to your blog post. What do you think about the whole illuminati idea. The watchful eye? The sense of domination and control? The idea of being manipulative puppet masters…Seems an odd ideology for a band…