Risk assessment

My group and I completed a risk assessment for our narrative shoot in order to explore ahead of time things that could go wrong and prepare for them in advance. This is essential in order to preserve the safety of the cast and crew as well as the general public as we were shooting outdoors on a public beach. Health and safety law states that risk assessments must be completed in a. professional environment and obviously it is important for media professionals to comply with the law.

Production meeting agenda

My group and I completed this agenda for our narrative shoot in order to reach common ground and a shared understanding of what we were trying to achieve, how to achieve it and who was assuming responsibility for each aspect. This was to create clarity and also accountability.

Narrative storyboard

We made a story board to help us plan the shoot for our performance section of the music video. We drew the shots on post it notes so that we could swap it around if we changed our minds. We put colours on the notes to show how important they are to get on the shoot red being most important and green being least important so that we know which to shoot first and priorities.

This also helped us have more ideas and give more structures to our plan.


Once we had realised we didn’t have enough shots and that they didn’t fit with our performance shots we decided to go back to the drawing board and re construct the story board to try to ensure that the narrative was more fitting for the genre and more obvious to the viewer.

Narrative development

This is a plan to show the narrative arc of our music video to clarify what happens at the beginning, what ideas we are communicating to the audience, how it will be achieved and what the audience will see. Then we explain how the narrative will be developed and the conflict is evident and finally we explain how the narrative is resolved and we explain how we will communicate our message to the audience, shown through the binary opposites of inner struggle and personal freedom.

Performance rough cut

We took lots of different and varied shots during the shoot in town. This is our performance rough cut to demonstrate some of the clips that we got, we did not edit properly and the lip syncing is not in time to the song. It is purely to show the camera angles and techniques we used.

I am happy with what we were able to get and I think the mis en scene works well, the genre is well linked. However, there are a few things we could have made better and will focus on next time:

  • Make sure the camera is always in focus when we want it to be.
  • Pay more attention to detail to close ups such as the lip stick had faded.
  • I feel that the make up should have been a lot darker and bolder to fit the genre.
  • Pay more attention to detail in the costume and styling.
  • Make sure when editing the mood is consistent. (no smiling)

shoot reflection (performance)

Evaluation of our shoot:

Me and my group met in town with all of the needed costumes, equipment and camera in order to film the performance section of our music video. Our model was very punctual, reliable and was at ease in front of the camera, I feel like she did justice to my creative vision and a good link was established between the lyrics and the image we were trying to portray. There were no major technical errors and i’m really pleased with the footage we shot. The use of lighting was very effective so was the location and mis en scene. We got all the footage we wanted in time and met our deadline. There was harmony within the group and everyone did their job well.

However there were some minor challenges which could easily have been avoided and having reflected on it we have learned some important lessons and will ensure that we are better prepared next time. The lessons we have learned are to:

  • check that the camera is charged ahead of the shoot.
  • bring a spare charged battery.
  • ensure that spare makeup and costumes are at hand should they be needed.

we need to locate these as a task to each of the team members and it needs to be on the production meeting agenda.

Perhaps the over all lesson learned is to be over prepared and to try to anticipate challenges and have spares of everything!

Star image planning

Lynn Gunn is relatable and she has an appeal to the average person and yet there is something mysterious and compelling about her, the use of monochrome colours expresses the dichotomy and paradox within her personality, the black symbolises her mysterious, soulful, philosophical and contemplative side that broods, is sensitive and otherworldly. In contrast the white represents her soft, gentle, playful and inviting side, it suggests she has also a zest for life. The metanarrative is that she represents very teenage girl that is struggling to find her identity and navigate her way in this modern world especially in connection to her relationships.

Risk assessment

This is a risk assessment for the shoot on Friday the 11th of May. A risk assessment is necessary as part of health and safety and to make sure that everything goes smoothly. So we noted all necessary information down and we signed it to show we have all been through it and Mrs Cobb then also signed it to show she’d been through it with us.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

A professional from supersavers came into our lesson to teach us more about premier pro and give us advice on how to improve our music video and make the editing more advanced. My group and I showed him our pitch and he gave us some ideas on what effects and pace we should use to make the video work with the genre and be more interesting for the viewer.

The song’s main theme is mirrors so we thought using some interesting distortion effects would have a good impact on the video and wold also like it to the theme. Here is a video demonstrating how I can achieve some of these effects.

We were also curious as to how to distort certain colours to make the video more grunge and have more energy,  so here is a video I found that demonstrates how to do that.