So, how did it go?

Since the beginning of the term I feel like I have learned so many new things and made a lot of progress. I have developped my technical and camera skills drastically throughout the process helping to reflect my genre. I have completed my front cover, contents page and double page spread and I fell that they all reflect my brand well.

My target audience are teenagers and young adults as they are the generation who are going to parties and listening to the most music. I think I have sucessfully made the magazine appeal to that audience as well as keep my magazine unique.

I am happy with the photos I have used in my magazines, I feel like the models and mis-en-scene reflect my brand really anll and help make the genre really identifiable. The bright colours and disco orientated back grounds and fonts used really help create an exciteing and energetic vibe that I was hoping for.



So… How is it going?

Is my brand clearly reflected in the design of my pages and the images of my stars?

Yes, I think that my cover page and double page spread do very much reflect my brand and genre of music, due to the busy busy background and the model emanates a sense of energy which was so typical of disco music. The fonts create a 1970s disco style, it is also obvious that I am not directly copying the disco era, but updating it for today’s modern young audience, elements of this is the use of the colour black, I have deliberately avoided too much glitter as for today’s audience that would assosiate with festival culture and that would send the wrong message and not successfully reflect my brand. The look of the model is quite sophisticated due to the ruby lip stick and matching jacket as I am not aiming this at a very young audience and want to avoid anything that look too over exaggerated, I have given her a more low key, urban feel in order to appeal to older teenagers.

However I do not think that the content page goes with the other two pages quite as well as I had hoped, the colours are off and it appears very flat and the whole concept doesn’t quite fit with the disco genre. I am hoping to add a more textured back ground with more colour and pattern.

Design Skills 1

What new design skills or production techniques have you learnt?

I have learned how to insert various shapes and effects onto my page on InDesign, shown below. I have had to manipulate the shapes and their colours and size in order to make it fit with the aesthetic and to highlight and amplify various aspects of the magazine and capture the attention of the target audience. I have also learned how to target very small details on photoshop to delete and make the cleanest cut for a good image. 

Even better if:

The original concept was for me to produce a Funk magazine, because of a personal interest of the genre, however when it came to researching and producing my front cover I realised that there really aren’t many funk magazine so I had no inspiration. Also, Funk was a prominent part of Black culture and I encountered some challenges in terms of cultural appropriation and felt it was better to modify my concept into the more ethnically diverse disco era.

What went well:

I feel that one of the most important aspects of a successful magazine are the images used, so I focused a lot of my attention, I spent time researching the look, finding the right model, costume, props and location. The research and planning went really well and so then I made arrangements with my model and organise that all the props would be at the shoot. I also made sure to choose a location that would be accessible at all times and all weather.

Design Skills

From creating my own music magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread, I have learnt how to, first of all, technical skills, like photoshop and indesign and how to use them effectively, I have learned about the relationship between the content of the magazine and the use of colour font and photography (the presentation). When on my shoot in St Peter Port I learned how to capture a striking imaging using different camera angles. I experimented with a number off shots and angles and I learned a great deal about the editing process when I selected and deselected a variety of shots.

so… I am ready to photograph my star.

What have I learned about camera and mise-en-scene that I will use to communicate our brand ideas?

I have learned that camera settings and angles are essential to effectively communicate our brand, I am going to use lots of low shots to display the main cover star as dominant and powerful, as I want her to be the face of disco and want the genre to be viewed as striking and compelling. I am going to use the white room as my cover star is going to be wearing dark colours. I think that the pink leather jacket my model will be wearing is an essential piece of mise-en-scene to communicate my brand as it is very disco themed. Her makeup is going to be a big focus of the shoot and I am hoping to use the reflective sheet to brighten the photographs and make the light bounce off of her.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

When I make my own magazine I will need to consider the font, colours, language and images. I will need to identify my target audience and construct the magazine to be appealing to them in order to gain the most success. I will also need to consider camera settings and angles in order to draw my audience in. In the past half term I have learned so much about the use of camera angles to create different effects. I have also learned how to identify an audience and make the product more appealing to that target audience. I am looking forward to bringing forward these acquired skills and producing a magazine in my own image.