My copy of professional magazine front page

This is my interpretation of NME’s 2010 magazine cover featuring Rihanna.


  • The image contrasted inconveniently with the colour of the text in certain areas of the cover meaning the text would be un-readable for example the white text under Rihanna’s name and the white text under the main cover line which i actually changed to black otherwise it was invisible.
  • I had to make the ‘Rihanna’ smaller otherwise it covered too much of her face.
  • I could not always make the text bold enough to match the original copy.


  • The NME main cover line matched the original very well.
  • Good Proportions
  • Matching fonts

Youtube videos to help:

Like & Stick mock-up

We used post it notes and pens to quickly create a rough draft of the original copy of the NME magazine cover featuring Rihanna. The main focus of the cover is the main cover star and the bold pink Title of the magazine. We wrote the names of the technical design features of the magazine on the post its as well.

When I come to designing my own magazine cover I will take a lot of care in constructing the layout of the cover and including each technical design feature in a practical and appealing way.

The Camera Talks

You can use different camera angles and setting to create different effects. Taking photos from a high angle can make the subject look small and innocent, contrasting this, if you take a low shot it will make the subject look more dominant and powerful Using the techniques I have learned during this exercise I will be able to take better and more interesting shots just by using the setting and angles provided. I hope to be able to turn a seemingly boring photograph into something meaningful and I feel like I will be able to do so with these acquired skills.

Technical Camera Terms

I experimented with the camera angles and aperture and shutter speed in this exercise.  I personally think the most successful photograph was the one of me and nick behind the yellow tape, I felt like this was very successful because the low angle gives the characters power and there is a sense of edge and rule breaking as they are behind the tape, the long shot of me being framed by the leaves is also a good shot as it looks candid and natural and the brightness is very well set. Closer to the end of the shoot there are more unsuccessful photos, the focus was wrong and the camera was not stable enough making the photos blurry and not in an appealing way. This has taught me that in the future I must pay more attention to the focus and keep the camera still, I could maybe use a tripod.

Print media communicates meaning

Posters are a very popular way to advertise certain things. In this circumstance Rita Ora is having a tour and the poster is trying to encourage people to attend. Many different aspects of the poster and specifically there to draw people in and appeal to them. For example, colours, costumes, font and language. I chose to do this poster as I felt like has been very successfully made to look attractive to the target audience. The use of colours and contrast of themes is very interesting and I  personally think makes the poster very much complimentary. The font used communicates danger which adds edge to the theme which contrasts with the pink back ground that indicates a calm and girly theme.