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My preliminary task montage of a day at school.


I was set the task of creating a montage representing a day a school.  This task helped me learn how to: Hold a shot steady,  frame a shot well and film some shots from a variety of distances and angles, along with these skills this task also gave me some hands on experience with Adobe premier pro (the video editing software I will be using for my music video.)

What I did well:

. I had steady shots

. I used a variety of distances on my shots

. I had smooth transitions which conveyed time passing


What I need to improve on:

. I need to frame my shots better

.  Allow the camera to focus as some shots came out blurry

.  adding transitions to my videos


This task allowed to me to learn how to add a fade to a video in premier pro, it also allowed me to play with the colour effects in premier which will help me have a higher quality music video.

Preliminary video task and evaluation.


I have used the following camera techniques: two-shot, medium close up and extreme long shot while creating this video, The two shot established the setting, the close up’s illustrated how the characters were feeling, for example Mark’s present face. I have learnt to use: the 180 degree rule, reverse shots and  match on action shots. These shots helped the story stay simple and not confuse the audience with characters flipping sides or repeating the same action.I have learnt to use the marker in Premiere Pro to find the precise moment of action I want to use, I also learnt how to use the key frame tool, this allowed me to cut the shots I had, this made the reverse shots very easy to create. If I was to do this project again I would make my actors have a break between speech so they don’t overlap which works in stage theatre but makes a video difficult to edit.

So how did it go.

My first media text is now complete. I have come along way from where I began this process. I began with very few skills with Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign. A good indicator of how much I have learnt about the production process is a comparison of my first draft of my front cover and the latest version.

There are clear improvements in quality of image and choice of typeface. I learnt how to cut out an image in order to make it much cleaner and how to organise a page layout in order to get key information in areas of the page which will be read by the reader. I also have a stronger colour pallet, this presents the rock genre in a much clearer way.

If I had the opportunity to redo the process of creating a magazine I would research what is already being produced for this genre in the media, I would’ve then used more props in order to portray the genre, for example I would use the guitar more. I would also make my star wear more appropriate costume for the genre such as a leather jacket instead of a plain black T-shirt.

This process has helped me gain skills using Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign and this will be useful when I work on future projects using these applications as I won’t need to learn about the features in the applications.

Draft 5 and Teacher feedback with my final targets.

Above are my penultimate drafts of my magazine. I have shown these to my teacher and got some formal feedback on them which has given me some final targets in order to complete the magazine. Below is the feedback I was given:


Summary of What needs to be changed:

. Firstly I need to add an accent colour to my contents page

. I need to add some more information on the contents page about the articles in order to integrate my images and words better

. I need to sort out the spacing of the red type on my double page spread, this means the pull quotes are too spread out and don’t fill the box they are in

. I need to change the font on the contents page, it isn’t strong enough and far to formal for rock, it just doesn’t fit the genre.