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Music Video-Draft 4


Here is our fourth draft of our music video for Kasabian’s song “Take Aim,” We have used the feedback from our peers on draft 3 to improve our video, we have changed:

  • The Flashbacks now have a blue shadow to them and a vingnette
  • We added blood to one of our victims Shirts after being shot for continuity
  •  The video now fits the length of the video (YAY!)
  • We improved the pace of the edit by adding some jump cuts, specifically when the final victim (which is when I have my little cameo appearance) 
  • We added a little match on action for when I was kicked down, the wide angle zooms in to me as I get kicked down to focus on this key action.
  • And finally we added those all important close-ups of the main-star reacting to the murders and being forced to go to the firing range

You may have noticed we are missing some shots in this draft but don’t worry, I have already recorded them and they will feature in the final video.

We have now shown this updated version of the video to some peers, here is the feedback in a screencastify:

Here is the feedback we were given:

  • Even more close-ups of Luca
  • Make it clearer that we are going into flashbacks
  • We need to link up some of the jump-cuts with the beat of the song
  • Add a title to highlight it is a music video

Here is our final set of targets:

  • Make it clearer the flashbacks are flashbacks, we are playing with making the clip monochrome, black and white and have made the vignette clearer. We are also playing with the idea of adding a title saying something along the lines of “Earlier”
  • We are looking at adding a close-up near the beginning
  • Link up the jump-cuts to the beat
  • Add a clear title

This isn’t a target but while working on the video we added some opaque shots of Nic and Radek being dead over the shot of me being dead to emphasize the guilt he feels of killing people and highlights his reason for not killing me.

Production skills evaluation 2

It’s that time again. Reflection time and I’m looking forward to doing this. I have learnt a lot of skills since my last reflection post.

Lets begin with skills I have gained using the camera. Both Radek (my partner for the video) and I found that we regularly had blurry shots when we came back from shooting the first two times so on our third shoot which was mainly for pick up shots we used the viewfinder eyepiece before turning the camera onto the film settings, this meant our shots weren’t blurry and weren’t too dark which was another problem we had found with a few of our early shoots. This little trick will hopefully help the end product to be as high a quality as possible.

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New Story board+PMA

We have made a lot of changes to our music videos narrative since we started this process so to help us on future shoots and in the edit we have updated the storyboard to make the narrative clearer, the previous narrative didn’t explain why our main star, Luca, was having such a big dilemma deciding to run away or continue to kill so we changed from a linear narrative to a non-linear narrative by adding some flashbacks sequences. Below is the updated storyboard:

Because we have updated the storyboard we have needed some new shots to complete the story so we have had two shoots where we have collected pick-up shots, the production meeting agenda for them is below:

Music video Draft 3

Here it is draft number 3! Although we still haven’t achieved the targets I set last time we did some reflection on the video of fitting the music and colour correcting the video we have still come along way from where we were with draft 2. We have added:

  • All the shots we need in the video now and so we have a clearer story with a stronger introduction which informs the viewers about why Luca’s decision is such a tough one.
  • We have also cut down some of the longer video shots and this has meant the editing pace is quicker which fits the chaos Luca’s character is experiencing.
  • We have more reaction shots which have eye-line matches which help to build the character of Luca
  • We have added a dip to white for the flashbacks which informs the viewers of what is happening

since our last draft. I feel the video has improved a lot due to these changes.

We have sent out this draft to our peers and here is the feedback we got from them on the video:

From looking at this feedback we have decided our key areas to target for improvement in our next draft are:

  • Add colour to flashbacks
  • Include more jump cuts for a quicker pace to the edit and try to fit the musics pace
  • Include more close-ups of Luca to emphasize his dislike at the murders
  • Add blood to dead bodies for continuity
  • get rid of extra footage so the video fits the length of the video.


Feedback from Teacher.

We have now created our second draft of our music video but it is now time for feedback, we sent the video to our teacher and he has responded with this video full of feedback:

I have now watched the feedback video and here are the key areas we need to focus on to improve our video:

  • Better POV blindfold shots
  • Reverse shots and eye-line matches for Luca ( Specifically after Nic has been shot)
  • We need to colour correct shots from different days or re-shoot parts and add colour (or possibly a vignette) to flashbacks
  • We still need more reaction shots from our main star Luca throughout the video from start to finish
  • We need to establish a better connection between our main star Luca and our victim (me) who rejects the blindfold
  • Luca needs to be spotted running away rather than before running
  • Transitions between different victims in flashback or is it one large thought? We need to make a decision on this.

Our Targets for the next draft are:

  1. Have the final victim shots all colour corrected
  2. Have all the reaction shots of Luca
  3. Add transitions to flashbacks and before Luca gets shot
  4. Have all of our footage done
  5. Use eye-line matches to establish why Luca’s character is so upset but the murders

Draft 2- Filling the music.

Here is our second draft of our music video. We aimed to fill the music with the narrative while still completing the story we are telling. We used slides to highlight shots we need to get to fill the story.

I have looked over the video, a lot, and the pace of the edit has improved a lot since our first draft, this quicker pace fits the musics tempo. I was also pleased with the high angle shots we have of the prisoners as they really establish the setting of the firing range it also added more of a range of shots to our video. We had a few more reaction shots which illustrated Luca’s disgust at the murders but we might need some more of these shots, we also now feel looking back at the video we feel in the final shot our star should be more defiant rather than just giving into his fate so we will need to have a few more pickups.

Midway through making this second edit we hit a bit of a wall, we weren’t making much progress as we felt the story of Luca wasn’t being told clearly, we hadn’t clearly shown why he had to run away so we have redone our story board and need to do another shoot. We have set some targets for this next shoot which are: Have all of the reaction shots for Luca complete and make sure we know what we are going to shoot which is some establishing shots where we see Luca wake up and forced to go and shoot the victims.

For the next draft we also have some targets for what we want to do in the edit which are:

  •  Establish the flashbacks by using different colour tones or adding effects the the shots
  •  Fit the video around the music as currently we have 3.33 worth of clips but the song is only 3 minutes long
  •  Have the lighting sorted, because we shot the current clips over two days the sunlight is different so we need to make sure it looks like it is all happening in one day
  •  We started to add Blood effects to this draft but by the next draft we are hoping to have gun smoke and blood splatters looking really good.

Audience Ideoligies


When creating our product we needed to understand who we are creating it for and we thought creating a dating profile for our ideal audience member would help us understand. We used YouGov in order to find out what kind of jobs, interests and views on the world, this research will help us to create a music video, digipack and album art which will interest our audience. Below is the profile we created for our average target audience:

Below are the YouGov pages I used when researching who the target audience is. Our music videos audience will be using media to be entertained mostly, this has been decoded by us as we noticed fans of Kasabian enjoy comedy TV shows however they also use it to be informed as to how the world works as they enjoy Louis Theroux who creates documentaries on the world. The music they listen to is what they use as personal identity, they interact with other fans of similar music about the music they listen to. The demographic we are appealing to live in the south of the UK, specifically the Midlands which is where the band originated.

Having decoded this data we have on fans of Kasabian we will be able to encode features which will lead to preferred reading for the audience and help us create media products suited to our average audience.


Shoot reflection (Shoot 2)

After looking at the footage from our original shoot we realised we needed to re shoot some shots and collect some more reaction shots. Above is a picture I took of Radek while shooting for evidence of the shoot happening, this was a shot which was particularly good, it shows the prisoner being shot from a point of view shot.

We are pleased with the shots we have so far and we got some very good high angle shots from this shoot, now that we have these shots we feel we need some more shots of Luca which show the building disgust he feels at his actions. We need to find a location for these shots still and if we don’t find one soon we will have to rework the narrative.