Important Information on your A Level Media Grades

Update from CIE

We have received an important update from Cambridge International Education on how they are going to award grades now that the exams are cancelled.

You can read that update here.

Next Steps

In this light of this information we are going to ask you to submit an essay for each of the units:

  • TV Drama (Textual Analysis)
  • Audience & Institutions (The Music Industry)
  • Media Production Skills
  • Media Concepts
  • Postmodernism


Here is a link to the full guidance we have prepared to support you in this.

Screencastify on Guidance

Below is a Screencastify of Mr Gregson talking through that guidance.


Please confirm that you have read the guidance and/or listened to the whole Screencastify by completing this Google Form.

Contact with Parents

We have sent this information via group call to your parents and have asked them to confirm that they have received and understood the guidance.

So What?

This means that we want you to continue to work on your Media Studies essays up to the time you would have left school to go on study leave (Friday 15th May).

Seize this Opportunity and DON’T PANIC!

We have developed a structured approach to this, with a focus on one essay in turn.

Please make sure that you seize this opportunity to make a real difference to your overall grade for A level Media Studies.

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