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Reflections – how to

Read this document on how to create your Creative Critical Reflections for your blog posts.

Your first reflection is on your Media Collage.


Always look back and consider what you have learnt and how this knowledge and understanding could impact on your own magazine  production.

For example, understanding why and how people engage with media will impact on your own decision making process for your magazine. In other words, you will need to make your magazine entertaining, informing, full of opportunities to react with people and also will reinforce their personal identity.  If you only hit a couple of these Uses and Gratification, then you will be limiting your commercial return.  It needs to be ‘all singing and all ringing’.

You should also include TERMS and THEORY if you can so refer to Blumler and Katz and how their ideas will impact on your magazine design.

Textual Analysis – Tour Poster deconstruction

Remember, what is it ‘saying’?  The denotations (things) all have connotations (meanings).  Use terms like these in your introduction to the post along with decoding, deconstructing, signs, symbols etc to show that you are getting to grips with how to analyse a media text.  You can use synonyms for represent too – portray, suggests, infers, implies, indicates etc.

Use Call Outs on your slide to evidence the comments…

Use this link to open the slideshow, take a copy, delete all the images you’re not going to use and then complete your analysis.

Here is an example from last year:

My Media Consumption Collage

Create a collage with a minimum of 15 – 20 pictures that illustrate what you read, watch and listen to.  In other words what media do you consume? When you watch, listen and read, you are called a CONSUMER.

Also, what media do you contribute to?  What apps, blogs, social media do you add texts, status and click and likes to?  When you interact and contribute to the media, you are called a PROSUMER.

Here is the exemplar we showed you in class: Click on the thumbnail to get a bigger version.


Then using the Uses and Gratification terms from Blumler and Katz, indicate which of these media you use for ENTERTAINMENTPERSONAL IDENTITY, SOCIAL INTERACTION or  EDUCATION AND INFORMATION.  Just add in a E, PI, SI, I – remember some of them you engage with for multiple reasons.

You only need about 6 of these to show that you understand how media is used for various reasons.

You should complete the collage using a google slide and then save it as a pdf – it will be your first blog post!


Remember always to introduce the post but do not be tempted to start ‘in this task we did….’.  Try and weave in some personal observations, reflections and most of all some terms to show you ‘get it’, you understand why you have completed this piece of research and what you have learnt from it.