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Premiere Pro – getting started and trouble shooting

Help Yourself!!!

Here is a help document on Adobe Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro Help

You should use this document to see if it can help you before you ask for help from a teacher.

You can also use this extremely helpful site – Adobe TV, which has excellent videos on how to use all Adobe applications including Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro Help

In order to help you edit we have attached various ‘guides’ to editing. They contain the ‘basic’ instructions to creating a new project, importing, editing and exporting. Get in to the habit of referring to these if you get stuck.


  • Create a folder in the D Drive (in your existing folder) – CCR2 Dragons Den
  • To to the P Drive and find the Dragons Den file in Media called DD inserts as well as the DD opening section and copy them over to the D Drive folder.
  • Download all your footage from your pitch to the D Drive folder.
  • Then you can import both your footage and the inserts/noddies to the Premiere Pro project for editing.