Exemplar blog

Brittany Chippendale’s exemplar blog

Remember, a blog post a day, is the way to an A.

The blog is a straightforward way to ‘easy’ marks but it is also a straightforward way to ‘losing easy’ marks.

What makes a good blog?

  • Complete.
  • Attractive.
  • Good use of English and punctuation – media is communication – communicate properly.
  • Bullet pointed reflections as opposed to long paragraphs of writing.
  • A variety of ICT used in your posts.
  • Properly embedded and linked post – always add pdfs links to posts.
  • Do not use google linked posts as we can’t guarantee the examiner has access.
  • Get an adult to check your posts – spellings and typos.
  • Add in extra posts as and when appropriate.
  • Categorise and keep the posts in chronological order.

What makes a good blog post?

  • Reflective – what have your learnt – how will impact on your product?
  • Include relevant terms that may have been introduced to you.
  • Always read our blog to help with ideas on what kind of terminology and theory you should be including.
  • The relevant posts are hyperlinked from the blog league so no excuses about not knowing what to do in a post or how to introduce and reflect on it.
  • The sooner you start to use media terms and theory in relation to your work, the easier the exam will be.


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