Second Shoot Contact Sheets

A Contact Sheet containing bad photos.






A Contact Sheet containing good photos.

After spending the day at Castle Cornet, I produced a wide variety of photographs for my pop music magazine. I categorized these photos into good and bad photos. I preferred some photos to others because-

  • Whether the model was in character or not
  • Whether the photos communicating the right mise-en-scene
  • If the framing was wrong, if I cut off her feet or the top of her head.

I liked some of them because-

  • The poses worked to communicate mise-en-scene
  • The angles made the photos interesting to look at and capture attention
  • They are framed properly, leading the eye to the subject.

After separating these photos into good and bad, I concluded that it was a successful location shoot and I captured some good images to use in my publication.

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