Language Analysis

“Billboard Magazine (June 2015) – ‘Adam Lambert: Don’t Look Back’ Halperin, S”

To help me prepare to write my own article about my cover star, I am going to analyse an article in the same style that I would like my article to be.

This article is a sit down interview with Adam Lambert . In this article, you are aware of the journalist but Adam Lambert is the main focus of the article as it talks about his career and how he has changed his image. You can tell that the journalist is present as she has added her own words about the artist as well as the artists words. The impact this has is that it gives the reader two sides to his story, hearing it first hand from the artist and what his story appears to be to the general audience.


At the beginning of the article, the journalist wrote quite a long paragraph describing Lambert and the setting which shows us his attitude in how he dresses and what his normal life is like. For example, she tells us that “the 6 foot 1 singer towers over” connoting power and how his fame has risen. Adjectives such as “sauntering” add to this attitude showing us that he walks without a care. The quote used is “It’s hard for me to be happy”, which creates interest with the audience as they don’t understand why he’s not happy in his successful career. The article emphasises his changes in genre and persona throughout his career showing how he’s gone from “American Idol to Queen to Label Less Free Agent to EDM”. There is also a lot of name dropping in this article, this grabs the audiences attention as they are names that the readers will recognise


Throughout the article, the journalist presents Adam Lambert as a strong individual who has faced his challenges to get where he is today. He is presented this way through descriptions and images. Use of certain adjectives and descriptions 

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