Pitch + Feedback

After pitching our idea to Mr Gregson, we got a lot of new ideas for our video based on his comments. In summary, his feedback was –

  • To experiment with using video effects, such as vignettes and filters to create a sense of time.
  • Using dark edges to some of our brighter shots which would help create atmosphere.
  • Making the storyline clear. For the narrative, having a talented girl in a relationship with the star then her, breaking his heart and leaving, using visual clues to hint at this.
  • Throughout filming our music video, there are several conventions that we have to follow in order to get the most marks and provide our audience predictable pleasure however, our narrative contrasts the regular conventions as she is the one to leave.
  • As our chosen song is sung by a band, we have decided not to use a band but instead have one male performer singing the lyrics to emphasise the emotions.
  • Creating a clear contrast between the emotions in both the performance and narrative.

As well as this feedback, Mr Gregson also suggested that we watch “500 Days of Summer” as it has a similar narrative.

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