Narrative Shoot Reflection

For our narrative shoot, we decided to use a completely different location to show the contrast between the two people. This presented different challenges to our first shoot such as ground maintenance men, tourists visiting the gardens and a toddler play group. Although overall I think our shoot went well and we got a variation of shots which showed contrasting emotions between the performance and narrative.

  • To start off our shoot, we tested out our equipment to make sure everything was ready to shoot such as exposure and SD card storage, before we started shooting.
  • We then filmed the shots with the props such as the books
  • After filming a few shots, we realised that using the music would make our actor feel more comfortable and get a feel for the emotions we were trying to convey.

Possible improvements-

  • With the quick planning of this shoot, we could have been more prepared in terms of what we wanted to film and what we wanted to get from the shoot as we had a bit of disagreement as to what we wanted the narrative to be.

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