Feedback from Teacher

After creating our second draft, Mr Gregson recorded some feedback which we have bullet pointed and summarized below –

Possible Improvements-

  • Edit the lip syncing so it is in time with the song for authenticity
  • Replace the high pitched chorus with shots of Macy
  • Create more distinction between the performance and narrative to create a contrast between the two moods
  • Add a vignette to the footage of Macy to further distinguish between the shots
  • Use more clips of the doorway
  • Using tools in Premiere to change the exposure in some of our shots
  • The shots of Macy at the start are cut too quickly
  • One of the shots of Macy’s jacket change doesn’t make sense
  • Find a different way of hitting the crescendo
  • Reorder the footage of Macy
  • Push into some of the shots in editing
  • Some of the contrasting shots need to match up- for example the shots of them laying down need to be fully matched up


  • The movement away from Macy sat on the ground near the end of the video
  • The extreme close up of Macy’s eyes
  • Movement on the crescendo
  • The doorway shots reflect that she’s waiting
  • The ripping of the drawing and letting go of the bars are symbolic
  • Both of our actors acted professionally

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