Music Video Draft 3

After setting ourselves targets for next time, our draft 3 was made to address those aims. We managed to achieve some of those targets by using colour correction and stabilizing some of our footage. After trying to work on the targets we made ourselves last time, we made draft 3.  Although we didn’t manage to cover all of the targets, we are happy with the way it turned out.  To help us to produce an even better music video, we asked some of our peers to say what they thought about it.

Haygan’s comment:

Victoria’s comment:

Hannah’s comment:

Zander’s comment

Jade’s comment:

Lilli’s comment:

In summary, most of the people giving us feedback liked the use of the contrasting backgrounds to show the difference between the two people and the way that the clips were shot and the variation of them. However, my peers thought that some of the lip syncing was still slightly out and incorporating the water in the background of the shots of the performance may make the shots more aesthetically pleasing.


  • Fix the lip syncing in some areas
  • Add in some stabilisation to make shots smoother
  • Work on the animations

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