Feedback on Mock Up and Targets

For us to understand whether we were creating the right vibe for our digipak, we asked some of our class mates what they thought our genre was and what emotions we were trying to convey. Overall we had really accurate responses about our genre and emotions. Through our digipak, we wanted to show a guy who was presented as down to earth, suffering the same emotions and going through the same hard times as ‘normal’ people. We felt that having an emotional, slightly nostalgic vibe to our cover, our digipak would fit the conventions of the Indie Pop genre.

However we still set ourselves some targets for improvement.

  • After looking at our digipak in a CD case, we quickly came to realise that our inside left image didn’t really fit in with the rest of the digipak so we need to decide on an alternative image to put in our real digipak.
  • Include a bar code and record label on the back to fit conventions.
  • Add the artists name on the front to give a sense of identity.

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