Digipak Draft 1


After receiving some feedback, here are some points we need to improve on-

  • Use of mustard colour on the front to further the colour scheme
  • We need to place a copyright label on the back to follow the conventions of a digipak
  • It needs two spines instead of 1
  • The layout of tracks needs to be put in some kind of order
  • A slight difference between the album and artist name would be good
  • We need to play with the photo on the inside left cover on Photoshop as it is quite flat

Although we have many areas for improvement, we also received some positive feedback-

  • Our colour palette throughout is good and fits the genre
  • The graphic illustrations are good
  • The use of the mountains throughout is very good and creates a theme
  • Handwritten font adds a personal touch to the digipak

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