Production Skills Evaluation 3

To create a unique indie digipak for our artist and their products, we decided to use illustration and graphics rather than photos. We decided that using Adobe Illustrator would be the perfect tool for the job. I had no previous experience with the program however Holly knew a little bit about it as she had previously used it for a project.

We started off by importing an image from the music video to use as a template for our album cover. We then used the blob brush tool to draw his outline. The blob tool allowed us to freely draw around our template image but also keep the lines straight and precise at the same time.

After starting to use the tool to draw the image on our front cover, we decided to try to experiment how it would look if we were to use the blob brush tool to create our font instead of using the ones provided to us on the programme. We made the decision to use this feature to do our fonts as we felt that it better fit the conventions of our genre, achieving a rustic, independent look. Use of the handwritten font also adds a personal touch to the album cover as his persona is very down to earth and ‘normal’.


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