Evaluation of Photoshoot or Graphic Design

After a lot of planning and preparation for our digipak covers, we were inspired by a watercolour circle that we found whilst creating a mock-up for our digipak. We decided that the circular design worked perfectly on our inside right cover. To recreate this, we chose to use watercolours on an A3 piece of paper to create an authentic effect. Instead of going straight for the same as the original image we found, we decided to experiment with the same colour palette using different patterns.

In the end, we decided to choose one similar to the original image as we felt that it fit with our digipak the best. We then took our image to photoshop to make the colours pop by making the background pure white.

We decided that as well as including graphic designs in our digipak, we would also do a photoshoot as we could then use the images in both the digipak and the website. Initially we had only thought to take a few basic pictures using the lightboxes, however as we were shooting, we found some coloured ‘light gels’ which we decided to experiment with along with some feathers which we decided would make our photo shoot more fun and colourful.





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