Draft 4

After receiving feedback from some of our peers, we have made some tweaks to our video. We have finally added in the doodle effect that we have been practicing to some of our shots however we are still to add more doodles throughout. By adding the drawings we have emphasised parts of the narrative that we believe are important. To understand what people like and what further improvements need to be made, we asked one of our peers to watch and record her feedback of our music video.

Overall there were many positives however there were some points for improvement.


  • The drawings make some of the narrative clearer now
  • The outlines at the beginning are cool
  • The continuity of both characters jumping on the beat
  • The energy in the performance was good
  • All round steady shots
  • Variety in shots
  • Use of lyrics to make drawings is cool
  • Slow mo shots fit the ending


  • Some of the lip syncing is still slightly out
  • More close ups would help the audience to better connect with the star

Music Video Draft 3

After setting ourselves targets for next time, our draft 3 was made to address those aims. We managed to achieve some of those targets by using colour correction and stabilizing some of our footage. After trying to work on the targets we made ourselves last time, we made draft 3.  Although we didn’t manage to cover all of the targets, we are happy with the way it turned out.  To help us to produce an even better music video, we asked some of our peers to say what they thought about it.

Haygan’s comment:

Victoria’s comment:

Hannah’s comment:

Zander’s comment

Jade’s comment:

Lilli’s comment:

In summary, most of the people giving us feedback liked the use of the contrasting backgrounds to show the difference between the two people and the way that the clips were shot and the variation of them. However, my peers thought that some of the lip syncing was still slightly out and incorporating the water in the background of the shots of the performance may make the shots more aesthetically pleasing.


  • Fix the lip syncing in some areas
  • Add in some stabilisation to make shots smoother
  • Work on the animations

Feedback from Teacher

After creating our second draft, Mr Gregson recorded some feedback which we have bullet pointed and summarized below –

Possible Improvements-

  • Edit the lip syncing so it is in time with the song for authenticity
  • Replace the high pitched chorus with shots of Macy
  • Create more distinction between the performance and narrative to create a contrast between the two moods
  • Add a vignette to the footage of Macy to further distinguish between the shots
  • Use more clips of the doorway
  • Using tools in Premiere to change the exposure in some of our shots
  • The shots of Macy at the start are cut too quickly
  • One of the shots of Macy’s jacket change doesn’t make sense
  • Find a different way of hitting the crescendo
  • Reorder the footage of Macy
  • Push into some of the shots in editing
  • Some of the contrasting shots need to match up- for example the shots of them laying down need to be fully matched up


  • The movement away from Macy sat on the ground near the end of the video
  • The extreme close up of Macy’s eyes
  • Movement on the crescendo
  • The doorway shots reflect that she’s waiting
  • The ripping of the drawing and letting go of the bars are symbolic
  • Both of our actors acted professionally

Music Video Draft Two

After creating our first draft of just performance, we then went out and shot our narrative element of our music video. We learnt a lot from that shoot but came away with really aesthetic shots that showed a contrast between the two characters.

To improve from our first draft we have

  • Swapped out some of the shots for better shots, there were some shots of our performer by a wall which didn’t quite look the way we wanted them to.
  • Added in our narrative footage  which completed the video
  • Added in some effects such as slow motion to add more emotion into the video.

However there’s still work to do

  • Correcting the colour in some of the shots to really emphasise the contrast
  • Fixing some of our lip syncing
  • Adding in stabilizers to some of our hand held shots to create fluid movements

Audience Ideologies

To fully understand our audience for our video, I decided to do some research using yougov. The theory of reception shows that certain groups of people will receive the values and ideas in our text well (our preferred audience) while others will either completely reject the ideas or only accept a few (oppositional or negotiated). Further understanding our audience by looking at their interest, places of work and where they live, will help us to create an appropriate media text. Our target audience will have a preferred reading of our texts if we encode it with ideologies for them to decode.

Narrative Shoot Reflection

For our narrative shoot, we decided to use a completely different location to show the contrast between the two people. This presented different challenges to our first shoot such as ground maintenance men, tourists visiting the gardens and a toddler play group. Although overall I think our shoot went well and we got a variation of shots which showed contrasting emotions between the performance and narrative.

  • To start off our shoot, we tested out our equipment to make sure everything was ready to shoot such as exposure and SD card storage, before we started shooting.
  • We then filmed the shots with the props such as the books
  • After filming a few shots, we realised that using the music would make our actor feel more comfortable and get a feel for the emotions we were trying to convey.

Possible improvements-

  • With the quick planning of this shoot, we could have been more prepared in terms of what we wanted to film and what we wanted to get from the shoot as we had a bit of disagreement as to what we wanted the narrative to be.

Narrative Storyboard

To help us prepare for the filming of our narrative, we created a storyboard to show the shots that we wanted to film which allowed the filming process to run smoothly. As we were filming a very short narrative, we only drew out a couple of shots as our ideas. In hind sight, maybe creating a few more drawings would have made the shooting process slightly easier however our shoot still went to plan and we are very happy with the shots we got.

Narrative Development

To create our music video, we made a 3 point narrative curve which helped us to identify the 3 parts of our story and what messages we want to convey. Our music video does not follow the generic linear structure of  a narrative as we will use an anachronic structure for our video to show the journey of the two.