Web Page Conventions

To help us understand how artists use their websites to attract their audience and get them to interact with their page, we analysed an existing artists page ‘Death Cab For a Cutie’. This also helped us to identify convention and what elements they used that went against conventional methods. We decided to use elements of AIDA to see how they captured their audiences attention which we could use in our own web page.

Web Page Draft One

Self assessment- 

I really like the way the front page turned out and how the feathers lead the audiences eyes down the page however I feel there are many areas for improvement. For example, a gallery page could be added to show some other images of our artist other than the hero shot on the front page. Use of a gallery will also show his audience how down to earth he is which fits with his image.
Musicians websites tend to feature news sections allowing their audience to keep up with what they’re up to and any new music. To add to the website, we could also put in some previous album covers.
I also feel that we need to put our digipak at the forefront of the website along with the music video. To attract more attention to it, we could also include a title to the music video to introduce it.