Evaluation of Web Design Application

As well as learning more about different software such as Premiere Pro and Illustrator, I also delved into the world of website creation. This was completely new to me so I needed as much help as I could get. The conventions elements of a webpage were also very new to me such as above the fold and hero shot.

Throughout the creation of the website, we experimented with different techniques such as the moving graphics in the titles of our news stories. Having information below the fold also allowed the website to be more interactive and encourage our audience to continue viewing. This is a typical convention of the indie pop genre.

Use of button links gave the website a pull, making audiences interact with the website through the sale of tour tickets. Features such as the moving feathers allowed us to further convey our star image as the bright colours show that he is a creative, exciting character.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

To create a unique indie digipak for our artist and their products, we decided to use illustration and graphics rather than photos. We decided that using Adobe Illustrator would be the perfect tool for the job. I had no previous experience with the program however Holly knew a little bit about it as she had previously used it for a project.

We started off by importing an image from the music video to use as a template for our album cover. We then used the blob brush tool to draw his outline. The blob tool allowed us to freely draw around our template image but also keep the lines straight and precise at the same time.

After starting to use the tool to draw the image on our front cover, we decided to try to experiment how it would look if we were to use the blob brush tool to create our font instead of using the ones provided to us on the programme. We made the decision to use this feature to do our fonts as we felt that it better fit the conventions of our genre, achieving a rustic, independent look. Use of the handwritten font also adds a personal touch to the album cover as his persona is very down to earth and ‘normal’.


Feedback on Mock Up and Targets

For us to understand whether we were creating the right vibe for our digipak, we asked some of our class mates what they thought our genre was and what emotions we were trying to convey. Overall we had really accurate responses about our genre and emotions. Through our digipak, we wanted to show a guy who was presented as down to earth, suffering the same emotions and going through the same hard times as ‘normal’ people. We felt that having an emotional, slightly nostalgic vibe to our cover, our digipak would fit the conventions of the Indie Pop genre.

However we still set ourselves some targets for improvement.

  • After looking at our digipak in a CD case, we quickly came to realise that our inside left image didn’t really fit in with the rest of the digipak so we need to decide on an alternative image to put in our real digipak.
  • Include a bar code and record label on the back to fit conventions.
  • Add the artists name on the front to give a sense of identity.

Our Mission Statement

Who is your Audience?

  • To fully understand what our audience would want out of a digipak, I did some research into our demographic. Our audience is typically females between the ages of 18-24 from the North West of England usually working in the entertainment industry.
  • As well as our artists music, our audience also enjoys listening to artists such as George Ezra and Taylor Swift with their favourite films including 22 Jump Street and the Harry Potter series.
  • Our audience is typically slightly left wing meaning they are more liberal and forward thinking.

A Call to Action

  • We would like our audience to engage with the music by deeply understanding the lyrics and being able to relate to them.
  • Ideally we would like our audience to spend time on our stars social media pages and spend their money on his personal merchandise.

Who are the competition?

  • Our competition will be from other indie artists such as James Bay and Kygo.
  • The similarities between the album covers is that the albums don’t usually include the artists face and instead have an altered image or a piece of artwork to convey their message. The covers are typically very simplistic, only including the album title, artist name and the small piece of art.
  • Their websites are minimalist, showing their songs, tour dates, pictures and social media outlets on the front page.

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Jake is an already established musician with a clear brand and has a wide fan base. However he is not world renowned.
  • We would like to present Jake as the average male star, allowing the audience to connect with him. As he is an indie artist, emotion is key to his genre, however we have presented him as the ‘guy next door’ type character.
    • As our star is very down to earth and average, through Dyer’s theory, he would be ordinary.

Your Mission Statement.

Jake Martin has a message, paired with a rhythmic beat and unexpected and exciting key changes. Misleadingly uplifting songs, with life experiences playing though your speakers. Your thoughts. His lyrics.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

After deciding to add in doodles to some of our shots, we quickly found that the hand drawn effect was, although effective, very time consuming as we had to do it frame by frame. We had the chance to talk to Lenny, an industry expert about making the drawing process quicker.

He showed us about using shape layers to create shapes that moved fluidly around our actors which can be copied and pasted to create the same effect. Now that we have learnt about this way of using radial lines, we will now incorporate it as well as using the hand drawn effect throughout. We felt that this effect would enhance our narrative as it would further show the difference between the two characters- the creative one and the one who needs her.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

After getting inspiration from a Justin Bieber music video and various other places across the internet, me and Holly decided to incorporate some doodling into our music video. Before starting our performance and narrative filming, we first decided to film some test footage to learn how to create the doodle effect. Although it was time consuming, the first product we made came out really well so we decided to use it in our real music video.

Before we started our test doodling, we watched lots of online tutorials on how to create the hand drawn effect and using a graphics tablet, we started to draw. We used the paint and brush section from the window drop down menu to create this look.

We felt that use of this skill would help the audience to further distinguish the differences between the two characters and their personalities through the medium of drawings.