Flow Chart and Preferred Website Template

After having completed out research into different stars websites, we made a flow chart to show how our stars website operates and how it all links together. We decided to choose a fairly simple template as we wanted to do a complete overhaul and customize it completely to be unique to our artist. This is because we thought our artist had a uniqueness which we wanted to display in throughout the website.


Website Terminology

To further understand the conventions of a website before I start creating mine, I decided to look at and analyse other musicians in my genres website to see what they have included. After finding more about website conventions, they appear to liken to magazines- the leaderboard of a website is what the masthead is to the magazine, the hero shot of a website is what the star image is to a magazine.

Preliminary Montage

In my montage, I was looking to capture steady shots, good framing of shots and a variety of different shot distances.


  • The transitions accurately show that time has passed.
  • I had steady shots, good framing and a variety of distances.
  • I managed to capture a school day in a short montage clip.


  • I could have used more transitions to show time passing rather than just in classroom shots.
  • My storyboard could have been a bit more accurate and easier to follow.
  • Be more aware of the background in the shots.

So far, I have learnt quite a bit about editing and using Premier Pro. I have learnt about editing techniques such as match on actions and the 180 degree rule. In Premier Pro, I have cropped down footage, used transitions and added in sound effects to match the visuals.

Preliminary Continuity Task

For this video, I used a pan to follow the actor storming out of the room. I also used a close up to show each of the actors emotions. I used these techniques to show the audience the emotions the actor was going through throughout the video. The close up showed the change in emotion in the two actors after she realised the gift wasn’t appreciated.

During this task, I learned about creating match on actions by filming a complete action and cutting out the frames in the middle. I also learned about the importance of the 180 degree rule when filming conversations. Using the 180 degree rule allowed me to create realistic conversations between the actors. I used these rules to create a fluid conversation between the two individuals. In Premiere Pro, I have learnt to use the mark in and mark out tools. I used these tools to cut down my video clips so they flowed smoothly. If I was to do this project again, I would probably shoot the pan as she walked out a couple more times to get a smoother shot.

Lick and Stick Mock Up

To help us prepare to produce a copy of the magazine, we made a lick and stick mock up of the layout of the magazine to help to identify where each item was placed. This task will help me learn more about the software InDesign and help me to further understand the importance of layout and positioning of important features.

My Copy of a Professional Magazine

The original magazine

My copy of the magazine


This is my version of the NME Magazine cover with LCD Soundsystem which I created through using Adobe InDesign. There were many aspects in my design that I think work well and not so well. One thing I did find difficult in the beginning was finding fonts that matched the original cover. I managed to find the closest font to the original that I could to create my cover. When I started creating my copy, I didn’t know much about InDesign and its many tools so I used a lot of trial and error and experimented with different tools to create my final product. Doing a project like this enabled me to learn how this program worked at my own pace and develop an understanding into the tools. One thing I also could have improved on is cutting out the base image. When the image was placed on the white background, the uneven edges stood out immediately.

I think the components of this magazine work well together but comparing the two covers, I should have made the masthead bigger to help further incorporate it with the image. Looking at my copy, I could have closed the gap between the letters and sentence of the quote. I tried to keep the colour scheme as close to the original as I possibly could but closely comparing them, the orange colour I created is slightly too light. I also had problems getting the grey to white gradient around the main cover star. I followed my lick and stick analysis very closely as I was putting together my final product. This enabled me to place everything accurately and keep as close to the original as I possibly could. Looking at the two covers, I was very consistent in keeping my font size and font the same throughout. I did struggle with getting the exact font of the cover line in the bottom right hand corner and getting the thickness of the letters to match the original. I think I used Photoshop and InDesign well to create this product. I used photoshop to cut out my image from its background and I used InDesign for the layout, fonts and cover creation. Although I only used Photoshop to cut out the picture, I learned about the quick selection tool which can be used to easily cut out an image.

If I was to complete this task again, I would try to create the gradient around the main cover star and try to find the exact fonts used on the original cover.

Video 1- Creating Gradients 

Video 2- Placing an image behind text

Video 3- Adding image behind text



The Camera Talks

For this task, we went out with the intention of capturing 9 high quality images that include a few of the techniques we learnt in the last lesson. Looking at my 9 images, I believe we completed the task and achieved what we set out to do. By using techniques and angles such as rule of thirds, depth of field, canted and extreme long shot, we were able to create images that told a story.

My Image that uses Mise-en-Scene for meaning

Me and Matthieu were given the music genre of Pop. Stereotypes associated with the pop genre include: glamour, colour, outgoing, popular and importance. Women involved in the pop genre are very glamorous, colourful and the height of fashion whereas men in the pop genre tend to be more casual and down to earth. Before we began shooting, we made this moodboard to identify the styles of album cover and the poses in them.

Most of the album covers in my collage give off connotations of confidence and style. For example, the Nine Track Mind cover uses yellow as a background which gives connotations of positivity, intellect, confidence and optimism. His pose also adds to the idea of confidence, the raised head emphasises that. His outfit is smart casual and his hair also reflects this.

We made a contact sheet to show all the pictures we took.

I chose this as my final photo as it fits all the criteria of a pop poster/album cover. His outfit is very casual similar to most male popstars. This could connote that the album/poster is very personal to them. His pose and stance show that he is confident and the fact that he is looking away from the camera gives the impression of carelessness. His outfit is also very modern which could also be a reflection of his music.

Mise-en-scene is crucial because it could give you an insight into a character or persons emotions and feeling without going into much detail. If I was to shoot these images again, I would maybe add in a guitar. This would give connotations of friendliness and make the album more personal.

Print Media that Communicates Meaning

For this piece, we were told to choose a tour poster and analyse it. I chose this poster because all of the elements really stood out to me such as her pose, the typeface, the colour choice and the language used. Through completing this task, I now understand how to analyse poses and typeface and what connotations they have. This will help me when I come to create my magazine as it will help me establish the type of scene and mood I’m creating in much more detail. In this picture, the artist uses a blue to pink gradient. The colour blue often has connotations of confidence, truth and intelligence and pink has connotations of cuteness and is generally viewed as quite feminine. Her facial expression is also quite confident and fierce in comparison to the rest of the poster.