Preliminary Montage

In my montage, I was looking to capture steady shots, good framing of shots and a variety of different shot distances.


  • The transitions accurately show that time has passed.
  • I had steady shots, good framing and a variety of distances.
  • I managed to capture a school day in a short montage clip.


  • I could have used more transitions to show time passing rather than just in classroom shots.
  • My storyboard could have been a bit more accurate and easier to follow.
  • Be more aware of the background in the shots.

So far, I have learnt quite a bit about editing and using Premier Pro. I have learnt about editing techniques such as match on actions and the 180 degree rule. In Premier Pro, I have cropped down footage, used transitions and added in sound effects to match the visuals.

Preliminary Continuity Task

For this video, I used a pan to follow the actor storming out of the room. I also used a close up to show each of the actors emotions. I used these techniques to show the audience the emotions the actor was going through throughout the video. The close up showed the change in emotion in the two actors after she realised the gift wasn’t appreciated.

During this task, I learned about creating match on actions by filming a complete action and cutting out the frames in the middle. I also learned about the importance of the 180 degree rule when filming conversations. Using the 180 degree rule allowed me to create realistic conversations between the actors. I used these rules to create a fluid conversation between the two individuals. In Premiere Pro, I have learnt to use the mark in and mark out tools. I used these tools to cut down my video clips so they flowed smoothly. If I was to do this project again, I would probably shoot the pan as she walked out a couple more times to get a smoother shot.