Feedback & Reflection on Draft 3

The feedback I received from my double page spread was:

  • “I like the layout and structure, especially the way that the model is at the center of the page.”
  • “I like the choice of text, and the way you have put it in bold.”
  • “The quote would make me want to read more if it was a legitimate magazine.”
  • “Try and make all of the colours match, otherwise it will clash.”
  • “Make all the pictures of the same person, have the same filter, otherwise it looks very fake.”
  • “Maybe break up the text a little bit, try to fill up the space.”

Targets for development will be to:

  • Make the text a little less bunched together.
  • Keep a universal filter on all of the pictures
  • Colour coordinate with the colour scheme.
  • Columns need sorting.
  • Add page numbers and a byline.
  • Stand-first.
  • Photo borders and captions.

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