Design Skills 2

When doing this task, I learnt some more skills that will help me to improve my work further. This included improvements in Photoshop and Indesign skills.

My contents page was not at the standard that I would like it to be. As you can see, the main photo is slightly boring as I didn’t change the filter to make it stand out or to make it different to the original picture. After this. I decided to change the main image, font and the entire layout. I did this by using the select tool on Photoshop  to cut out the new photo.

I learned how to change the fonts and colours in Indesign. After learning this, it made my contents page and my double page spread look a bit more professional. When working on my double page spread, I learnt how to wrap the text around the images because I didn’t like the way that the text overlapped the images. I did this by making a template using the pen tool in Indesign and typing my text inside it. I could then manipulate it and make it look the way I wanted it to.

When using Photoshop, I experimented with colours and filters to make my models look more interesting and to fit in with the genre of R&B. I used the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop and adjusted the settings to make my model look tanned and energetic. This helped to infer her star image of popular, wealthy and attractive, and furthermore help portray my genre of R&B music.

On Photoshop, I also learnt how to enhance the photo and make it look clearer so that when I edited it on Indesign, It would look a lot better. I did this by also adjusting the Camera Raw Filter on Photoshop, especially the exposure and temperature of the picture.

After learning these skills, I will use them in my future pieces of media, making them to the best ability as possible.


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