Language Analysis


‘Cash for questions (11 July 2017) Paul Stokes ‘

This is a Q&A article on the band Alt-J.

There is no journalist present and this gives the reader a chance to understand that the questions were from their fans. We’re not quite sure, as the reader, where this interview is taking place, although, we do know that Alt-J is there speaking to someone. This is achieved by having the questions written in bold, so they look different to the answers.

There are no words that are frequently used, but as you read, you get the impression that they’re normal people with normal backgrounds. This will help their fans and people reading about them see a lot about their personalities.

One metaphor that they used to describe their music in this interview that really stood out to me was “chewing gum that doesn’t lose its flavour.” This helps the audience to relate to the band.

There is no mode of address as it is a Q&A. Instead, this journalist is asking questions from fans. This is quite a smart way to get across the information as the journalist is asking questions that the audience wants to know the answers to.

One quote that was used was ‘“And the award for estate agents
of the year goes to…” This was the only actual quote used, as in this Q&A, and every other Q&A for that matter, technically everything is a quote as the editor is writing down exactly what they say.

The reader should be influenced by this article. It should make them laugh, and want to know more about Alt-J.

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