So… How’s it going?

After my progress in making my music magazine, I feel comfortable using the different software and techniques to make my work the best standard possible. I have had a few problems and have added last minute changes to my magazine, which did put me to some disadvantage. But after powering through, I am very pleased with the way that my magazine has turned out.

I have enjoyed the photoshoots and the amazing feeling you get when you have taken the perfect photo. I have also enjoyed writing about my work because I can reflect on my own work myself, which will then help me when creating future pieces of media.

Overall, I think that my magazine definitely fits the style of R&B music, and I am proud of the way it has turned out. Throughout my blog, you can see my progress and positive changes to my magazine. I have responded well to m,y feedback given, and acted upon it to make my magazine the best I can do. I feel like I have worked really hard to achieve the criteria and I hope I can keep it up during my next projects as a media student.

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