Prelim Continuity Task

I have used close ups, long shots, mid shots, two shots and establishing shots. I used these techniques to create a sense that she didn’t like the present at all, and the person who gave her the present knew. I have learnt to use continuity editing rules such as jump cuts and match on action. I used these rules to get a clear shot of Jordan leaving the room in anger, Scarlett opening the present to then establish that she hates it and also to get a clear shot of both reactions. I have learnt to use the razor blade tool in Premier Pro. This handy tool let me cut the exact second in which I wanted, without making any mistakes. This was a fast and easy process thanks to this tool. If I was to do this project again, I would make sure to get more shots, as I had run out of material, therefore making me repeat shots which just looked confusing.

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