Prelim Montage

I have created a montage of an average school day to practice editing, for when I do my music video. When recording, I learnt how to vary my shots distances, angles and shot types. When editing, I really enjoyed it as I could edit out the bits that didn’t work and play around with the bits that did. (Using fade outs and fade in and adding sound effects). If I was to do this again, I would make sure to record my match-on-action slightly better, collect more shots of the clock so it would convey a time shift throughout the day and use filters when editing to make it more entertaining. Doing this task has definitely helped me with organising shots in order when its a story that the audience needs to understand.

Here is my storyboard. This helped me and my partner tells us what is going on, what we want as directors, and what we want to see. This could include shot distances, shot composition or shot movement. There is a little description saying what is going on in the shot, and this helps the director out in the filming process, they go into it knowing what to do, and how to do it.

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