Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Jordan and I shot our music video during a school day where we had permission to film in town, and any other areas we liked. We filmed in an underground car park in town, and then on a cliff path above the Aquarium. We specifically chose these locations as we liked the Mise En Scene, and fitted in with our genre. The locations allowed us to have natural lighting which gave off an eerie effect in some places which we found to be very interesting.

This is a photo we captured when we experimented with running paint down Grace’s face to add an original touch to the shot. We decided that we wanted to add a little bit of colour into the video as we didn’t want the colour scheme to be the same the whole way through.

Overall I think that we used our time well, and got enough shots to create a good enough video, although, I wish that we had been more strategic and organised with the shots we were going to do because I found that we were stuck at some points trying to think of other shots we could do. Improvising really did not help. And we only realised this when we started editing and it was too late.

Our target would be to be a little bit more organised and strategic. we would do this by:

  • Making our shot list more precise, and actually follow it.
  • Sticking to our time deadlines.

I think that Jordan and I should have had a plan for if things went wrong. For example, some of our shots didn’t work out how we wanted them to so we had to scrap the entire idea, so we were left stuck on what to do instead of that shot.

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