Audience Ideologies

My song ‘Wildfire’ is a song in the genre of Electronic Dance music. Here is my audience ideology. Jordan and I discussed who our song and music video would appeal to the most. We used YouGov to see which people like artists in the same genre. As SBTRKT isn’t a very well known artist, we decided to look up an artist that fit into the same genre. As you can see, Jordan and I did some research on Disclosure. We found that in the majority of the UK’s population, women aged 18-24 listen to Disclosure. It is important to know your audience as you want to give them exactly what they want to see. When creating certain ideologies, you want them to enjoy decoding and understanding what the song and the story is about. This is what made Jordan and I fall in love with the song in the first place. This song gives off such a bold message, and we wanted to incorporate this somehow in our project.

This task really helped me to understand who I would be aiming my own music video towards. To help me do this, I applied the Blumler & Katz Uses and Gratifications and Demographics and Psychographics.

  • Demographics:┬áSkilled Working Class and Lower Middle Class
  • Psychographics: Alternative and Fun.


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