Music Video Draft 3

This is our third draft. Jordan and I have decided to remove the narrative that we had in draft 2 and go out and film a new narrative because we believe that we can convey the story easier if we were to re-shoot.

In this draft, it has changed from draft 2 because:

  • We have fixed the shots that have a black border around them.
  • Added filters and effects to help the shots stand out and pop a little bit more.
  • Removed the repeated shots.
  • Added in shots that will help make it more professional and convey our narrative better.

We posted our video on YouTube and got feedback from our classmates. The comments are shown here.

Jordan and I have still got things to work on for our draft 4 and we have listed them here.

  • Re shoot the location of the stalker smashing the glass
  • Re shoot with different angles, more long shots rather than mostly close-ups
  • Make the concept of grace being stalked more visible in the video, get some more shots of Grace being followed by Bilal in Long shots and mid shots.

In draft 4 we would hope to have fixed these errors and hopefully, the video will look better.


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