Production Skills evaluation 3

When creating my DigiPak, I have acquired plenty more skills in Photoshop and Indesign and have found both pieces of software to be easier to use, which then allowed me to create a DigiPak that was suitable for my target audience.

Here I have used the Camera Raw Filter, which helped me to make the colours look so bold and bright. Without this, the photo would look bland and boring and wouldn’t help to convey our genre.

Here is what the DigiPak looked like after we added the filter. As you can see, it looks bolder, brighter and shows the electronic genre through the use of the neon colours.

When Jordan and I weren’t really sure with what we wanted to do with our DigiPak, we started experimenting with the paint brush tool to try and come up with some ideas. We decided that this did not give our DigiPak the overall look that we wanted it to have, and did not look very professional. It also didn’t convey our genre very well, therefore would not appeal to our target audience.

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