Evaluation of Web Design Application

To begin our website on WIX, we found this drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen. This allowed us to experiment with different fonts and sizes of text. It also gives you the opportunity to add in images of your star, allowed you to insert videos, social media accounts and a store that will help you to convey your star image and brand to your target audience, and also allows your audience to follow your star and keep up with what they are getting up to.

Once we had done this, we added in different pages to communicate the uses and gratifications. In this case, it is information about our star. We included a home page which included the most important information about her, like her mission statement,. some of her best photos and a link to her music video. Jordan and I linked the songs on her albums to the ones on YouTube, as we used real song names. We have created a gallery where we put all of her photos that would convey her as a brand the best, and had them all in one place so that it will easier for the audience to access her photos. We have also included a tours page, where we have linked it to TicketMaster so that her fans can go onto the website, click on the link and are able to buy tickets to her shows. This makes it easier and is such a good way to advertise and make money for the star. lastly we have included a contact button where consumers are able to make contact if there are any inquiries.

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