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Web Page Draft 1 and Final Draft

Please click on the image to access the website.

This is my final draft of my website. I think that it, very effectively, conveys my genre, and star image.

Here is a very old screen shot from when Jordan and I started creating our first draft of our website. We have accumilated many more skills that had benefitted us as it has made our video look so much more professional and clean. We have changed the layout, added clearer navigation, more pictures, and more conventional fonts and ideas that suit Kezra’s star image a lot more. We have also added animation since then, making it a more pleasurable website for the consumer.

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

This is a flowchart I made in order to help me understand how our website is going to work. The website will first start out out on the home page, which will include my music video, the DigiPak and a biography on our star, Kezra. From this page, you are able to navigate yourself around the website and find information about her music, when her tours are, and links to her social media. These pages will then take you to more in detail links to pages that are specifically about the topic that you had clicked on. Creating this flow chart has allowed Jordan and I to easily understand the layout of our website, and will allow us to create it to the best standard it can. We have decided to use WIX because I found that it was easy to use and it has a template that I would prefer to use that looks like the one that I have designed here.

Website Previous Students Work

Here, I have researched a previous students work in order to help me work out what I need to include in my own website.

Click on the photo to view the web page.

I chose this website to analyse as the website as a whole, gives the impression that the brand is very edgy and quirky, similar to brand. The colours in this website really compliment each other and therefore make the website look professional and clean. This website is also easily accessible.

I found that the website was easy to navigate as you can just scroll down and all of the information was there, without being taken to a separate page. I found it really easy to find all of the artist’s albums, social media accounts,  music videos and tours.

I was able to find out a lot of information about their star and their brand. Although there are lots of information n the website itself, there is also links to their social media accounts so the website can navigate you to get an even closer insight as to what branding ‘The XX’ is. If you look on the discography page, you are able to find photos of the artists, and pictures that the artists has taken, so the audience can feel a lot more engaged in the artists personal life, and are able to keep up with what the artists is getting up to.

Please click to access this page of the website.

The colours, fonts and images represents the star effectively and accurately. This helped me figure out my own branding and how I was to make this clear to the audience.

Blumler and Katz’ uses and gratification was clearly shown throughout the use of their colour palette, graphic designs, layout, fonts and images in order to attract their target audience.

This task overall, really helped me to understand how to convey my brand, and increased my knowledge in how to create my website best to attract my target audience.



Evaluation of Shoot or Graphic Design


My shoot for the DigiPak was successful. This was because we had acquired lots of differenr shots and angles, and had directed our model to be in different positions in order to help convey our edgy and quirky star image.

Here are the contact sheets for our shots that we collected in our shoot. Jordan and I really liked the shots where the neon lights was most prominent over the star’s face.

Jordan and I realised that we didn’t have enough variety of distances and most of the shots looked the same. We also maybe could have done a few more shots, just so we had more to choose from and manipulate in editing.

Evaluation of Web Design Application

To begin our website on WIX, we found this drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen. This allowed us to experiment with different fonts and sizes of text. It also gives you the opportunity to add in images of your star, allowed you to insert videos, social media accounts and a store that will help you to convey your star image and brand to your target audience, and also allows your audience to follow your star and keep up with what they are getting up to.

Once we had done this, we added in different pages to communicate the uses and gratifications. In this case, it is information about our star. We included a home page which included the most important information about her, like her mission statement,. some of her best photos and a link to her music video. Jordan and I linked the songs on her albums to the ones on YouTube, as we used real song names. We have created a gallery where we put all of her photos that would convey her as a brand the best, and had them all in one place so that it will easier for the audience to access her photos. We have also included a tours page, where we have linked it to TicketMaster so that her fans can go onto the website, click on the link and are able to buy tickets to her shows. This makes it easier and is such a good way to advertise and make money for the star. lastly we have included a contact button where consumers are able to make contact if there are any inquiries.

Production Skills evaluation 3

When creating my DigiPak, I have acquired plenty more skills in Photoshop and Indesign and have found both pieces of software to be easier to use, which then allowed me to create a DigiPak that was suitable for my target audience.

Here I have used the Camera Raw Filter, which helped me to make the colours look so bold and bright. Without this, the photo would look bland and boring and wouldn’t help to convey our genre.

Here is what the DigiPak looked like after we added the filter. As you can see, it looks bolder, brighter and shows the electronic genre through the use of the neon colours.

When Jordan and I weren’t really sure with what we wanted to do with our DigiPak, we started experimenting with the paint brush tool to try and come up with some ideas. We decided that this did not give our DigiPak the overall look that we wanted it to have, and did not look very professional. It also didn’t convey our genre very well, therefore would not appeal to our target audience.