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Our Mission Statement

A mission statement is defined as a short statement that identifies someone’s goals and what kind of product or service or product it provides. It is important to have a mission statement because it gives us a clear focus of what we are aiming for in the future. It is extremely important for integrated advertising, which is a combination of many media resources (including traditional media and online marketing). The mission statement helps to give a focus so that it is easier to brand the performer to the public via integrated marketing, and to establish an overall brand to consumers. It also provides a basis for continuity between ‘Kezra’ products.

Jordan and I researched the demographics of an artist similar to ours, to find out who our audience will be, and to find out competition, all in an attempt to find a unique selling point, which is that SBTRKT (the real performer) is a DJ that makes all of his own beats, whereas Disclosure, Rudimental and Flume (three similar artists) have help from other sources. We have found out that we need to market for women between the ages of 18 and 24, and that we can advertise to them through integrated marketing, being on social media, or as an ad on their favourite TV show or so on.

Our Mission Statement is:

“Kezra is a new, cutting edge artist. Kezra is the new scene of electronic music, boasting her unique beats and unreal singing style. Influenced by the progression of electronic music and dance music since her early age, she has grown massively over Soundcloud. She produces the beats herself, and then sings over them, in a style that is growing rapidly.”


Contact Sheet

This is the first half of our contact sheets. We have experimented with a slow shutter speed and some coloured lights. Jordan and I are really impressed with how it turned out and have many more ideas as to how we can convey our genre of our Digipak.

DigiPak Photo Mock-Up

Jordan and I created a DigiPak using relevant pictures we found on the internet that we thought would fit our genre. As you can see, we went for some really colourful pictures that features a lot of neon  to give it a very electronic feel to it. We have chosen this because we thought it conveyed our genre clearly and appealed to women as we used feminine colours due to what we found when we researched the demographics of our product.

Jordan and I made a tally chart of about 10 different genres and asked people, from just looking at our DigiPak, what genre they thought it was. the majority guessed electronic music.  we also asked what kind of vibe they thought it gave. the majority guessed either alternative or quirky which is the vibe that Jordan and I were going for. This chart will be in the post “Feedback on Mock Up and targets”.

DigiPak Conventions Analysis

DigiPaks are another example of media which feature symbolic codes, and convey different ideas so the audience can understand the conventions of that artist. Here I have made a presentation of when I decoded an album cover of my own choice from the same genre as the one I am focusing on. Electronic music. I have discussed why the artist has used the types of texts, fonts, colours and images to convey their genre, but also listing down the basic conventions of an album cover.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

This is a screenshot of our progress on Premier Pro and After Effects. Lenny Lenfesty, who works in the industry and uses Premiere Pro and After Effects on a daily basis came in to our school to give us some tips and show us how to do some things that we didn’t know how to do. This was really helpful because for us, we wanted Grace’s eyes in some shots to be animated blue to reflect the colour of the mask and to add significance throughout. Lenny helped us do exactly what we wanted. He showed us that using different strokes can affect the way that it looks, and how to position the blue so that is was just her eye shown in blue. We think this adds a very original effect to our video, and from feedback from our teacher and from peers it reflects this way too. We are trying to use this again in our video, as we like it so much.

Barthes created the ‘action code’ which is something that makes the video move along. And because her eyes changed to blue, we were able to convey to the audience that she is possibly as evil as Bilal, because at the end of the video, she kills him. We had this idea right from the very beginning, and we are pleased that we finally have been able to accomplish this as it creates another layer of meaning to our music video. A huge thanks to Lenny for showing us how to do it.

Feedback From Teacher

This is our screen castify from our teacher. She watched our video and picked out the things that she liked, and the things that she thought we could improve.

The things that she liked were:

  • The pull focus of the antagonist whilst he was hiding behind the pillar.
  • She liked the final shot of the victim. Maybe we could elongate the shot, or get a shot of her walking off, or laughing to make her personality more clear.

The things that she thought I could improve were:

  • When he is looking at the picture frame she wanted to see an over the shoulder shot of what he is looking at.
  • She thinks that we could make the shots look more creepy in post production.
  • She wanted to see a shot of the picture smashed so the viewer knows what is being smashed and who the photo in it is of, as it isn’t clear.
  • At 1.20 there is a shot that is too long and doesn’t fit with the theme we have done of quick editing that we established before. She talks of the quality of some of the mid-shots, but it is just her computer as they came out fine on my footage.
  • She would like to see us cut to other shots whilst she is singing, as every lyric is covered with shots of grace singing when it doesn’t need to be.
  • We need to adjust the aspect ratio to get rid of the black border around the shot at 1:38.
  • Our teacher pointed out that 1.51 Grace looks into the camera, so Jordan and I will fix this by cutting the shot slightly.
  • Our teacher would like to see some close ups of the shots of grace playing with her hair
  • She doesn’t like the handheld camera shot we got of the antagonist behind Grace, and it would look better if he suddenly appeared, or if there was more build up in the narrative of his presence.
  • In the fight scene it would be better if we incorporated more of a struggle.
  • Could look cool to get a close up of the blood on the mask.
  • Would have been good to get a close up or even slow motion of her dragging the hammer across her face.
  • When Bilal is on the floor we could get a better shot, maybe a dolly going backwards from very close up to show the effect of the shot.

In conclusion,

  • We need more long shots, as there aren’t may in it currently and need it to get marks for a variety of shot distances.
  • Would love to see more close ups to establish the enigma or the tension.

Jordan and I will work on these targets, but we may have to re shoot as we do not have enough shots. however, she thinks we have done well for our second draft.

Music Video Draft 2

This is our second draft, including the narrative of the music video rather than just the performance.

Jordan and I both contributed to the filming, editing and discussing it so the narrative looked just as we had hoped. Jordan and I  decided that the narrative was slightly challenging to understand, so we will order it so it is clear to the audience.

When we do draft 3, we will aim to:

  • Put in more effects to make it pop, rather than to leave it how it is, as it may get repetitive over time.
  • Change the order of the narrative so it is easier to understand, whilst leaving it relatively anachronic
  • Link the changes in music to the changes in the video so the visuals work into the music, so it looks professional

Some of the shots also have a black border around them, which we will be able to fix in production.