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After gathering some research from YouGov, I found that my target audience liked Destiny’s child, so I tried to find an advert that would interest them. I needed to make sure that both of the adverts were high resolution and will match the colour scheme, and most importantly the genre of my magazine.


I really like the look of both of the adverts that I have chosen. And I think they will definitely interest the reader. They are both bold and represent the genre of R&B music.



So… How’s it going?

After my progress in making my music magazine, I feel comfortable using the different software and techniques to make my work the best standard possible. I have had a few problems and have added last minute changes to my magazine, which did put me to some disadvantage. But after powering through, I am very pleased with the way that my magazine has turned out.

I have enjoyed the photoshoots and the amazing feeling you get when you have taken the perfect photo. I have also enjoyed writing about my work because I can reflect on my own work myself, which will then help me when creating future pieces of media.

Overall, I think that my magazine definitely fits the style of R&B music, and I am proud of the way it has turned out. Throughout my blog, you can see my progress and positive changes to my magazine. I have responded well to m,y feedback given, and acted upon it to make my magazine the best I can do. I feel like I have worked really hard to achieve the criteria and I hope I can keep it up during my next projects as a media student.

Feedback on Article

To plan what I was going to write on my double page spread, I filled out this template to help me make sense of what to write and how to lay it out.

This is my article being read aloud by one of my peers. They are reading aloud to look for spelling and grammar mistakes.

To develop my double page spread further, I need to make sure to weave in some other names from the pop world and a bit of detail about a track name and its themes. This will help to give my audience more information on my magazine, and also make it look more professional.

Article Development

This is my planning for my double page spread. I have set it out like this so it’s easier to insert into my double page spread.

I decided I wanted to do a Q&A because I thought it could help convey the kind of character my star is. Furthermore, it would help to show the genre of the magazine. I wrote this to attract women of ages ranging from 16-40.


Language Analasis


‘Cash for questions (11 July 2017) Paul Stokes ‘

This is a Q&A article on the band Alt-J.

There is no journalist present and this gives the reader a chance to understand that the questions were from their fans. We’re not quite sure, as the reader, where this interview is taking place, although, we do know that Alt-J is there speaking to someone. This is achieved by having the questions written in bold, so they look different to the answers.

There are no words that are frequently used, but as you read, you get the impression that they’re normal people with normal backgrounds. This will help their fans and people reading about them see a lot about their personalities.

One metaphor that they used to describe their music in this interview that really stood out to me was “chewing gum that doesn’t lose its flavour.” This helps the audience to relate to the band.

There is no mode of address as it is a Q&A. Instead, this journalist is asking questions from fans. This is quite a smart way to get across the information as the journalist is asking questions that the audience wants to know the answers to.

One quote that was used was ‘“And the award for estate agents
of the year goes to…” This was the only actual quote used, as in this Q&A, and every other Q&A for that matter, technically everything is a quote as the editor is writing down exactly what they say.

The reader should be influenced by this article. It should make them laugh, and want to know more about Alt-J.

Design Skills 2

When doing this task, I learnt some more skills that will help me to improve my work further. This included improvements in Photoshop and Indesign skills.

My contents page was not at the standard that I would like it to be. As you can see, the main photo is slightly boring as I didn’t change the filter to make it stand out or to make it different to the original picture. After this. I decided to change the main image, font and the entire layout. I did this by using the select tool on Photoshop  to cut out the new photo.

I learned how to change the fonts and colours in Indesign. After learning this, it made my contents page and my double page spread look a bit more professional. When working on my double page spread, I learnt how to wrap the text around the images because I didn’t like the way that the text overlapped the images. I did this by making a template using the pen tool in Indesign and typing my text inside it. I could then manipulate it and make it look the way I wanted it to.

When using Photoshop, I experimented with colours and filters to make my models look more interesting and to fit in with the genre of R&B. I used the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop and adjusted the settings to make my model look tanned and energetic. This helped to infer her star image of popular, wealthy and attractive, and furthermore help portray my genre of R&B music.

On Photoshop, I also learnt how to enhance the photo and make it look clearer so that when I edited it on Indesign, It would look a lot better. I did this by also adjusting the Camera Raw Filter on Photoshop, especially the exposure and temperature of the picture.

After learning these skills, I will use them in my future pieces of media, making them to the best ability as possible.